Mitsubishi to Increase Composite Satellite Production

Responding to the markets need for lightweight satellite components, Mitsubishi Electric Corp has announced it’s building a new facility that will double the satellite-component production capacity of its Sagami Factory in Japan.

The factory is Mitsubishi Electric’s core production and testing site for solar array panels, structural panels and other satellite components. The new facility, which will commence production in October 2017, is expected to help the company continue growing its share of the global satellite market.

The company is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of satellite components, most notably structures made with advanced composite materials, including solar array panels,structural panels and antennas.

The company has a rich history of providing global satellite manufacturers with solar array panels, structural panels and antennas produced at its Kamakura Works. Over the years, Mitsubishi Electric has developed a substantial share of this market.

The new facility will introduce a number of advanced manufacturing machines, such as high-precision machining equipment and automated welding machines, which will help the factory to double its production capacity. Existing machines currently dispersed throughout the factory will be concentrated in the new facility. The realisation of seamlessly integrated production processes — from component and panel production to final testing — and improved productivity through the application of information technology, will further increase production efficiency, shorten production time, reduce costs and elevate product quality.