Lamborghini Partner with Mitsubishi on New Carbon Fibre Project

The company made the announcement while celebrating the opening of “Excellence in Carbon Fibre”, an exclusive event dedicated to its carbon fibre technologies, at Meiji Memorial Picture Gallery in Tokyo, Japan. Over the past 30 years, Lamborghini has been an industry leader in both the development and implementation of advanced lightweight materials. From the Countach to the Huracán, not a single series-produced Lamborghini came to life with less carbon fibre than its predecessor.

The two companies have agreed a co-operation under the project title ‘CFRP Press Technologies and Processes Automation’, and will work together to further develop higher levels of manufacturing automation that are more suitable for larger scale production, with great advantages in process stability.

Maurizio Reggiani, Automobili Lamborghini Board Member for Research & Development commented on the deal by saying:

By continuing to develop our patented Forged Composite materials, we are able to create a product that can enhance Lamborghini super sports cars in both their performance and their appearance. The ability to leverage this kind of lightweight material gives Lamborghini a competitive advantage that will benefit our cars, as well as the production process, in the future.

Lamborghini debuted the latest car to showcase its mastery of carbon fibre during the 2016 Geneva motor show. The Centenario, which was on display for the exclusive event in Tokyo, is available in a body made of fully exposed carbon fibre.