The Dark Knight’s Batpod Goes Up For Auction

One of the original custom-built Batpod motorcycles that was used in the filming of ‘The Dark Knight’ and ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ rises has been put up for auction by Warner Bros

Created by Dark Knight production designer Nathan Crowley and crafted by special-effects supervisor Chris Corbould, this unique motorcycle was one of only six built and used during filming.

The unusual shape of the vehicle made engineering a challenge, especially with such unconventional tires fitted. The unique Pod is designed for a rider in a prone position who steers the vehicle with their arms and shoulders, and features advanced design elements such as an exhaust system integrated within the framework. The vehicles were largely driven by stunt rider Jean-Pierre Goy during filming, and were used for numerous events in the promotion of The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises.

The vehicle features a custom-made chassis with 31″ Hoosier racing tyres and a Honda 750 engine. Fibreglass composite body panels finished in metallic grey paint cover the bike’s engine and handlebars. A pair of cannon barrels made of plastic, resin and fibreglass are secured at the front of the vehicle, and a laser targeting unit is fitted above the right hand grip. A radiator and hydraulics are fitted behind the saddle, and the braking system is operated by controls on the left handle and the right pedal. Black foam padding is installed on the body, saddle and knee rests for comfort whilst riding.

The auction lot includes a metal display stand and Warner Bros. certificate of authenticity and is sold in “rolling-only” condition, with all its fluids, battery, fuel tank, and throttle controls removed. The item is up for auction now and is estimated to raise up to £80,000.