Teijin Creates Foldable Composite Structure

The composite-structure design, development, prototype and evaluation unit over at Teijin has announced they have developed a new foldable fibre-reinforced plastic structure called Oribako.

Oribako is a polyhedron structure made of FRP panels and hinges that can be easily transported, deployed, folded away and stored. FRP with soft resin is used for the hinges to provide elasticity, flexibility and durability as well as a strong seal. The product can be produced in a variety of shapes and sizes, such as small boxes or simple architectural structures.


The FRPs used for the panels and the hinged sections are integrated seamlessly, ensuring airtightness and a smooth surface with no ridges. Depending on its intended use, the composition of materials used for the panels and hinges of the Oribako can be adjusted to incorporate properties such as sound absorption, heat insulation or shock absorption.

A prototype of the product will be showcased at SAMPE Japan this year and will comprise a simple booth in which carbon fibre composite panels are bonded to glass fibre composite hinges. It will have a floor area of about 11 square meters and weigh about 40 kilograms. The booth can easily be erected by two adults without the need for tools or machinery.

The company will continue to develop Oribako and hope to make it commercially available by 2022. The product is expected to be used in a variety of scenarios, such as a temporary indoor space with external solar panels and as a delivery container allowing easy and rapid change of cargos including those require a tight seal.