Mercedes-Benz VISION EQS 2019

The Mercedes-Benz Vision EQS

The big news from Mercedes at the Frankfurt Motor Show was that the S-Class is going electric and they revealed what that might look like, someday.

The first thing that hits you with the car is the number of bits that light up. The car has a total of 940 individual LED’s floating in three-dimensional space to make up the front grille and 229 for the backlight system which is integrated into the bodywork. Mercedes believes digital light technology allows the car to interact with different environments adding both style and safety.


With motors at both the front and back axles, the batteries will kick out around 469bhp getting you to 60 in just under 4.5 seconds and has a top speed of 124mph. The vehicle’s body is based on a mix of steel, aluminium and carbon fibre composites along with sustainable recycled products.

In terms of distance on a full charge, Mercedes say the EQS will go up to 430 miles without needing a charging station and if you do need to stop it would take less than 20 minutes to recharge up to 80% of the cars juice.


Mercedes say that the interior of the car is based on the “world of luxury yachts” The occupants sit in Crystal-white DINAMICA microfibre seats while the floor area and door centre panels are in bright white. The central touch screen display allows you to control the vehicle’s functions and the screens displayed on the driver’s and front passenger seats allow customisation of the driving experience using Mercedes me ID.