Continuous Composites teams up with Arkema to advance Continuous Fibre 3D Printing

Continuous Composites has announced a partnership with French company Arkema to accelerate the advancement of additive manufacturing with composite materials.

Continuous Fiber 3D Printing technology or CF3D combines composite materials with a snap-curing 3D printing process to create a mouldless, out-of-autoclave manufacturing technology. The result is a scalable technology that is said to decreases lead times and reduces manual labour while removing the need for expensive capital equipment.

The partnership will enable Continuous Composites to use Arkema’s range of resins and laboratory testing facilities to further develop and certify CF3D with a range of advanced material solutions to be established and commercialised down the line.

As an industry leader in materials, our strategic partnership with Arkema opens the door for us to merge CF3D with their cutting-edge UV curable materials and apply Arkema’s long history in the composites field. This partnership will expedite the development and deployment of CF3D across a broad spectrum of industries and applications. Tyler Alvarado, CEO of Continuous Composites

Continuous Composites was established back in 2013 and is located in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. The company was one of the first to be granted patents on printing with continuous fibres. Upon commercialisation, Continuous Composites’ product offering will comprise software, hardware, materials, and motion platforms to harness the power of composites without the constraints of traditional manufacturing. CF3D is the one solution for all applications and is going to democratise composites into virtually every industry.