Pratt & Whitney Invests in new Ceramic Matrix Composites Research Facility

Pratt & Whitney has announced it will open a new ceramic matrix composites research & development facility in Carlsbad, California. The new facility will add an additional 60,000 square foot of R&D space along with new jobs focused on the design development and production of Ceramic Matrix Composites for aerospace applications.

We’re excited to establish a dedicated team of engineers and technicians working on the next generation of this potentially disruptive technology in a collaborative space. This new facility is a testament to Pratt & Whitney’s commitment to innovation. This novel material technology enables us to provide dependable engines with enhanced performance to our customers.Andy Lazur, general manager of the Pratt & Whitney Carlsbad facility

Compared to traditional materials in the hot section of a jet engine, Ceramic Matrix Composites or CMC’s for short are known to be lighter and have higher temperature capability, which can enable improved thermal efficiency for gas turbine engines. CMCs will enhance Pratt next-gen commercial and military engines to deliver increased range, increased fuel efficiency and reduced emissions.