Hennessey Performance Unveils new Venom F5 Carbon Fibre Tub

After a nearly two-year-long engineering and development phase, Hennessey has unveiled its all-new carbon fibre tub that will serve as the foundation of the Venom F5.

Made entirely of carbon fibre, the all-new design has been engineered and built to propel the Venom F5 to a top speed of over 310 mph.  The new F5 chassis is both strong and lightweight.  Torsional rigidity has been measured at 52,000-newton metres per degree (38,353 lb-ft torque per degree) and it weighs in at 86 kilograms.

Our all new carbon fiber chassis is an engineering marvel and to see it in person is like looking at a piece of artwork.  It’s like a piece of automotive jewelry that’s built to run 500+ km/h

Company founder and CEO, John Hennessey

Being mated to the new chassis is Hennessey Specialty Vehicles’ all-new bespoke 1,800+ hp engine called Fury. Based on classic American V8 architecture, the Hennessey Venom F5 engine produces 1817 horsepower and 1193 lb-ft of torque. It uses a combination of high-tech, lightweight engine components (crankshaft, pistons, connecting rods & custom engine block) that combine for 6.6L of displacement. Combined with a pair of Precision ball bearing twin turbochargers with 3D printed titanium compressor housings, the Venom F5 engine delivers over 1800 bhp at 8000 rpm!

Hennessey has contracted Delta Motorsports in the UK to design, engineer, and manufacture the Venom F5 which has previously produced all of the previous generation Venom GT cars for Hennessey at its facility in England.

The first three Venom F5’s are currently in production and testing will begin in Q2 2020. Starting prices for the Venom F5 begin $1.8 million with the company only producing a total of 24 examples, 12 for the American market and 12 for international markets. US allocations are close to being sold out. The Venom F5 will make its official debut at The Quail during Monterey car week in August of this year.