Ford GT Liquid Carbon

The new addition adds a fully exposed carbon fibre finish along with new wheels and more power

As the Ford GT nears the end of its limited production run, the company has released a new Liquid Carbon Edition. Under the hood, the new version adds an additional 13 horsepower from the 2017-19 GT supercars, and the updated engine features a broader torque band and revised engine calibration.

Along with the engine upgrades, Ford has also introduced the premium Akrapovič titanium exhaust as standard equipment for the GT. The new exhaust setup will provide a 4 kg weight saving over the previous system.

Perhaps the most striking addition is the cars new fully exposed carbon fibre bodywork which uses a special clear-coat finish to achieve that under glass finish. The Liquid Carbon edition also features carbon fibre wheels as standard along with a wide range of internal and external customisable options including titanium lug nuts, six-point racing harness anchors, five interior options and five calliper colours.

The standard GT 2020 will be priced at $500,000 for the basic model while the Liquid Carbon version is reported to be $750,000. Deliveries of the new 2020 GT will continue until Ford ends GT production for good in 2022.