Pagani Announces New Imola Hypercar

Italian Hypercar maker Pagani unveil this new extremely limited edition model

Named after the iconic Italian circuit where it was developed, the Imola features a twin-turbocharged 6 litre Mercedes V12 engine which kicks out 827bhp, 90bhp more than the track-focused Huayra BC.

Thanks to the use of carbon fibre composites and titanium in the construction, the new car weighs in at just 1246kgs. The new formula of the company’s Carbo-Titanium HP62 G2 and Carbo-Triax HP62, developed for the ultra-reinforced central monocoque of the Pagani Imola and Roadster BC, was created to reduce weight while increasing torsional and bending stiffness.

To shave off every kilo of weight Pagani developed a new bespoke painting system called Acquarello Light which reduced the weight of the car by a further 5 kg while maintaining the Imola’s colour richness, depth and shine.

The paint of a vehicle is not just an aesthetic requirement but has essential technical functions, such as protecting from external influences and preventing the ageing of the material, in particular of advanced composites.

The Imola uses an improved version of the active aerodynamics system used on the Huayra, which means that each of the four mobile winglets behaves according to the driving circumstances in a dynamic and immediate way and even when braking, by generating an aerodynamic braking action.

Only five examples will be made, priced at just over £4 million they cost almost double that of the BC Roadster but if you’re hoping to upgrade then you will be left disappointed as they have all been sold.