Graphene-Based Composite Ink Being Tested for use on PPE and Sports Equipment

Graphene Composites Ltd, based in the UK has announced international partnerships with companies looking to use graphene ink in the fight against COVID-19.

ZEN Graphene Solutions Ltd in Canada has partnered with Graphene Composites to develop a virucidal graphene-based composite ink that can be applied to fabrics including N95 face masks and other personal protective equipment (PPE) for significantly increased protection.

Under the collaboration, Graphene Composites have devised a silver nanoparticle/graphene oxide ink formulation that ZEN has synthesised at their lab in Guelph, Ontario, that has been documented by previous researchers to kill earlier versions of coronavirus.

Once testing is completed, the GC/ZEN graphene ink would be incorporated into a fabric to be included in masks and filters designed by Graphene Composites.  Efficacy testing of the silver-graphene oxide-based ink to kill the COVID 19 virus (SARS-CoV-2) will be conducted at the University of Western Ontario ImPaKT Facility Biosafety Level 3 lab. In addition, the graphene ink will be tested to kill influenza A and B viruses at Biosafety Level 2 labs in the UK and US.

Graphene Composites has also announced an alliance with G-Form, an athletic protective gear manufacturer in the USA who pivoted its Smithfield, RI. manufacturing plant to the production of PPE face shields and has already produced more than 1 million units.

No solution currently exists to effectively pre-treat athletic equipment, apparel or footwear prior to practices and games. This pre-treatment will not only absorb Coronavirus droplets, it will eliminate them. This also applies to gyms and fitness centres throughout the world. Developing this added layer of protection is the very essence of why and how these companies with Rhode Island roots are working together.

The products are being tested at leading Universities and laboratories in both the UK & US, with patents pending. Once complete and successful, EPA approvals and production will immediately follow.