Researchers at the DreamWind project are looking to develop a chemical substance that will separate composite materials from each other, allowing fibreglass components used in wind turbines to be recycled. Denmark’s Aarhus University will collaborate with partners including Vestas and ...

In desert ‘aircraft graveyards’, where retired planes often go when flight service ends, good parts are removed and sold and many materials are recycled. Increasingly popular strong, light carbon fibre composites (or carbon fibre reinforced plastics) were once too difficult ...

With sunken, web-like chairs and light fixtures evoking the slot canyons of the American Southwest, Recyclable Composites puts the work of 12 RISD students on display, pushing the boundaries of design while directly addressing issues of sustainability.

A multi-partner UK project, Fibrecycle, has developed a new generation of high performance, low cost co-mingled carbon fibre yarns and fabrics, with funding support from the Technology Strategy Board.

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