Scott Bader Celebrates 60th Commonwealth Anniversary

Scott Bader Ltd, an independent common trusteeship company celebrated its 60th Commonwealth Anniversary on 28th April 2011.

On the day, employees at all Scott Bader sites were invited to sign a declaration to reconfirm their continued commitment to the principles on which the commonwealth was founded in 1951.

This 60th Commonwealth anniversary was celebrated globally by all Scott Bader Commonwealth members, who today are located not only at the UK head office in Wollaston but in many different parts of the world. The Company has grown into a company employing 560 people worldwide, with research and manufacturing operations in the UK, France, Croatia, The Middle East and South Africa, as well as sales and distribution operations in Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, the USA and China. Unusually, Scott Bader remains legally and constitutionally as a ‘common trusteeship’ company, being totally independent with no external shareholders.

Back in 1951, the founder Ernest Bader decided to make it a common trusteeship company and gave away his company to its employees. His son, Godric Bader, Life President of Scott Bader Commonwealth Board attended the commonwealth anniversary celebrations at Wollaston and during his speech said: “The 60th Anniversary of our Commonwealth marks a truly big milestone for us. My father wanted to give his workers the responsibility and freedom he had achieved for himself, so they could help to decide their own future within a stable working company.

The special day was marked across all the sites with a declaration signing ceremony, followed by watching a specially produced commemorative 60th anniversary film and a celebratory toast to the future of the Scott Bader Commonwealth. As a memento of the occasion, all Scott Bader employees were given a personal anniversary gift.


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