New fire retardant resin guide from AOC

AOC’s new Fire Retardant Resin Guide helps composite specifiers and manufacturers choose the optimum resin for 18 different fire and smoke standards from around the world.

The new Guide simplifies fire-retardant resin selection into two basic steps:

  • Choose the unsaturated polyester, methacrylate modified or vinyl ester resin that most cost-effectively meets end-use performance requirements for such properties as strength, elongation, corrosion resistance and heat distortion temperature.
  • Within the selected resin category, match the fire and/or smoke standard that is written in the specification with the AOC product or products that have been tested to that standard.

AOC’s fire-retardant and smoke-suppressant technologies cover a wide range of cost-performance options, including halogen-free and synergist-free systems,” said Fletcher Lindberg, Business Manager for Reinforced Resins. “Innovative new technologies are incubating in our laboratories to underscore our commitment to serving this important performance sector.

With comprehensive tables and extensive notes, the guide is designed to help users navigate through the maze of different fire and smoke standards that are written into specifications

said Scott Lane, AOC Product Leader and architect of the guide’s technical data. “To further direct the selection process, there are several examples of how Firepel and Vipel FR technologies have been put into action.

You can download a copy of the fire retardant resin guide here

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