Vestas turbine plant could create 2,000 UK jobs

Vestas signs agreement for 70 hectares of land in Kent to create it’s new turbines

The recent launch of the V164-7.0 MW, Vestas’ first-ever purpose-built offshore turbine, introduced a turbine of epic proportions. A turbine with components of this size demands new manufacturing facilities and in order to prepare for the planned 2015 serial production of the new turbine, Vestas has signed an agreement for 70 hectares of land at the Port of Sheerness in Kent, UK to eventually serve these purposes.

The UK represents the world’s largest offshore wind market and as such has a massive offshore project pipeline. The UK Round 3 projects alone account for 32GW. Vestas is committed to working with the UK government and offshore wind stakeholders to turn this pipeline into operational offshore wind farms and thereby ensuring not only sustainable energy for the UK but also a large number of new jobs being created.

Vestas is prepared to make the necessary significant investment in turning the option into a full lease and building the planned new production facilities, thereby creating more than 2000 direct and indirect new jobs – provided the V164-7.0 MW order pipeline materialises as expected.