Oak Ridge establishes carbon fiber composites consortium

Fourteen companies have agreed to join with Oak Ridge National Laboratory to establish the Oak Ridge Carbon Fibre Composites Consortium

The group will work to accelerate the development, demonstration and commercial application of new low-cost carbon fibre and composites materials in many different industry sectors.

Charter members of the consortium include;

For the past 10 years ORNL has led the Department of Energy’s low-cost carbon fiber initiative. ORNL is designing and constructing the Carbon Fiber Technology Facility, a $35 million pilot plant capable of producing up to 25 tons of new low-cost carbon fibers from several different precursors.

Consortium members will convene twice annually for briefings on ORNL’s research, development and demonstration efforts in carbon fibre composites, and to also provide critical insights into market trends and opportunities.

The market for carbon fiber composites is expected to grow significantly over the next several years, especially in key markets such as automotive, wind energy, oil and gas, infrastructure and various industrial applications.

Engaging industrial partners all along the value chain is a critically important aspect of ORNL’s carbon fiber composites program, our ultimate goal is to help businesses develop new commercial applications of low-cost carbon fibers and composites that will help our country address our goal of energy independence.

said ORNL Director Thom Mason.

If you would like to become a member of the consortium, membership costs are $10,000 annually or $5,000 annually for small business and universities, for more information you can download a copy of the brochure here or you can fill out the online application form here