EU investigates anti-dumping duties on glass fibre fabrics

The European Commission has launched an anti-dumping investigation into EU imports of woven and stitched glass fiber fabrics from China.

The European Composites Industry Association said it was notified as a user of the products concerned and nominated as an interested party in the proceedings.

The complaint was lodged on the 16 June 2011 by the Glass Fibre Fabrics Defence Coalition on behalf of producers representing a major proportion, in this case more than 25 % of the total Union production of certain woven and/or stitched glass fibre fabrics.

In 2010, the Commission imposed anti-dumping duties on glass fibers originating in China. The new complaint, lodged by the Glass Fibre Defence Coalition, concerns fabrics of woven or stitched or woven and stitched continuous filament glass fiber rovings, excluding products which are impregnated or pre-impregnated (pre-preg), and excluding open mesh fabrics with cells with assize of more than 1.8 mm in both length and width and weighing more than 35 grams per square meter.

The European Commission says relevant stakeholders need to inform it they wish to be considered interested parties in the investigation within 15 days of the publication date of July 28.

Notice of initiation 2011/C 222/12 in the Official Journal of the EU (28 July 2011)