A Case for Reusable Silicone Vacuum Bag Technology

This guest post and presentation have been written by Alan Harper from Alan Harper Composites

The use of vacuum infusion techniques to manufacture composite parts is a well-established process and is widely employed in the industry for a vast range of products including large marine and wind power applications. A large infrastructure of supply companies for infusion consumable films, sealants, peel ply, distribution fabric, etc. is now established to meet this manufacturing need and yet the industry appears to make little effort to develop a less consumable approach of the infusion films and associated materials which are discarded after each production cycle.

With the development of silicone reusable films, their method of production, ancillaries and advances in techniques for infusion, a change now appears possible bringing significant wastage reduction and thus a more acceptable ecological impact with the bonus of greater economic benefits to the producer.

The following presentation discusses and sets out to show how cost savings can be realised with silicone reusable infusion membranes and also the advances in resin delivery and management resulting in zero consumable wastage per part, which are now possible in this manufacturing sector.

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