Carbon Fibre Bench As Big As A Warehouse

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We live in a conservative culture, in which too much design is produced without personality or ambition.

Says Danish designer Mathias Bengtsson who has now started experimenting with a carbon-fibre spinning process originally used by NASA in the production of rocket fuel tanks and nozzles. This process enables him not only to create chairs and chaises longues in the complex curves of computer graphics, but to achieve, as he puts it, “maximum strength from minimum material” as only a fifth of the surface consists of carbon-fibre.’

The weightless lines that structure the Spun carbon-fibre bench are actually formed by a single, unbroken fibre. Conceived as a modular design, six individual pieces can be combined to create a perfect circle, or placed at obtuse angles to create wave-like configurations.

source: Bengtssondesign

via: Co.Design