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Inside the McLaren Technology Centre

The McLaren Technology Centre and the new McLaren Production Centre. The headquarters for one of the most successful Formula One racing teams, the Woking facility is world renowned for technology innovations and design. This video tours the new production line for the MP4-12C and looks behind the scenes at what’s to come for the growing super car company and race team.


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  1. It gets good mileage for a car of its performance level, but I only see 22 EPA. You may have seen European estimates, their “gallon” is about 20% larger than ours and they use more lax testing procedures.

  2. I’m sure they will be. Electric cars have a lot of good things going for them, but i’m sure the internal combustion engine will be popular with enthusiasts for many more years.

  3. I completely agree. It is a completely souless factory. Just take a look at Koenigsegg´s factory. It´s not huge and fancy, but the cars made there completely outclass the cars made in this factory. The way McLaren handles the drive guy is also boring compared to the detailed look you get into the parts of the Koenigsegg Agera

  4. True, althought in my opinion that´s not what´s important. An amazing looking factory doesn´t have to produce amazing cars, or a not so good looking factory can produce even more amazing cars than these; take Koenigsegg as an example. In my opinion it´s the car that is important.

  5. james shunt doesent know what hes talking about because bmw and honda has nothing to do wit mclaren. Mclaren is their own company and always will be if anything they give stuff to other companys like mercedes

  6. Actually the F1 never turned a profit so you’re talking complete nonsense.McLaren Automotive started in 1988, long before it was decided that BMW would design the engine for it. Gordon Murray originally asked Honda to design the engine but they weren’t keen on having a supercar with just a Honda engine. Other engine manufacturers were consulted. As it were Murray had experience working with BMW in his Brabham days (won the drivers’ title in ’83) so it made sense.You sir are a fool.

  7. I don’t disagree with the first point, but you should know those aren’t measurements, it’s the percentage of reference points measured for that vehicle. A 20% differentiation wouldn’t allow the body panels to fit. I work on aircraft and even a 1% differentiation would prevent a part from fitting, at all, where it belongs.

  8. Not that I could afford it anyways but I would never spend this much on a product where they waste development time and effort to ensure that the radius and diameter of the tubing that makes up the parts holders is identical. Nor would I buy anything where the geometry, car to car, differs by as much as you can see at 12:05. I’ll stick to my BMW. The company where Mclaren sourced the engines for the great F1 that gave them the money to create such a factory.

  9. Beautiful subject matter, however writing was not up to par. If research was done prior to visiting the center, it feels like it was limited and vague. There was little to no substance. The design center is beautiful as are the cars on display. Find an angle, build intrigue, reveal big picture. The anecdotal references were strange and uninspiring. Homework: Henry Catchpole’s review for EVO; succinct, informed, and passionate. J.F. a suggestion: storytelling. Good luck! ps: next time no sneakers

  10. You can see why mclaren are so good. Also I see similarities between the mclaren and the Audi r8. But Audi are an office worker car maker. Mclaren are a beast in motor sports bad f1 for many many years. I know who’s more of a super ca expert and who would get my money!

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  12. Enjoyable to watch but really most of this whole car design, manufacturing technology to make the car and so forth is just common sense. I would really like to start seeing cars with less components (to save on weight and price) as well as new questions being brought up like new designs on tires, aerodynamics and material science (such as body panel construction). A lot of these “new cars” are really not new at all, they just don’t want to put themselves out of jobs.

  13. In my opinion the best car in the world is 2013 Bright Red Ford Fusion with Eco-Boost Turbocharged 1.6L 4 cylinder engine on automatic transmission,16” alloy rims and fully loaded with equipment options.This engine produces 179 horse power and allows the car to accelerate from 0-60 mph in 8 seconds.The top speed of the car is 120 mph with Eco-Boost Turbocharged 1.6L 4 cylinder engine option.With 2.5L Turbocharged engine that produces 237 horse power and aerodynamic body Ford Fusion is UGT!

  14. lol. Imagine how we felt driving Austin metro’s :)’stangs are cool though, I’d love one… To put on a plinth, an original GT40 however… No b road will be safe.

  15. Try looking at an American factory lmao. There is a bit of contrast let me tell you. This factory is insane. I feel dirty for driving a Mustang….

  16. no rich = no demand = no demand = no factory = no factory = no jobs = AUTOMATIC VENTRILOQUISM REGURGITATED:J.O.B.S: = Just Over Broke Scam:Why Does ~i-Have To Work For MONEY Through A Rich Thief & Pay For FOOD & Natural Abundance ~i-Already OWN, Mr Hill?

  17. I want McLaren to build my…. EVERYTHING! Can you imagine how much less product breakdown there would be if every company took the time to ensure quality like these guys? Literally you could buy everything you ever wanted… ONCE! If I knew what I was going to buy would be solid, I’d have no problem whatsoever paying extra for it. Incredible guys… Incredible…

  18. The signal-to-noise ratio, and my enjoyment, of the video went right up when you stopped interviewing that fluff-vomiting brand manager. Thank you very much for the vid.

  19. wtf are you saying?… ferrari’s answer to this one is the f12 berlinetta only… and it got just a little better (the f12), even with that v12.why don’t you go now and compare the f12 berlinetta with the f40.

  20. its all very impressive, but I think its over the top.I love McLaren and all, but its kindof “yeah, we build cars…oh, look at our building!”I like Koenigsegg’s production better, “yes, we build cars. that is what we do, and we don’t BS around about it”

  21. It’s a thing you say, if some have to ask about the price the chance is they can’t afford it. A rich man wouldn’t need to ask about the price because, well he’s rich

  22. Bruce McLaren was great – he took a gamble & created a competitive racing constructor out of nothing. Very sadly today his great legacy is 40% owned by the royal family of Bahrain. Another middle east country run by a corrupt royal family that doesn’t ethnically or politically represent its population – its corrupt rulers actually want to effectively give the country to its neighbor Saudi Arabia just to stay in power! Poor old Bruce.

  23. its not the government that is making the car you know , so mcclaren making it doesn’t effect the government and how it spends its money, as for nobody being interested in the fastest car I guess people with enough funds to buy one are ..

  24. i really love the idea of minimalism with the car. The shrinkwrapping idea, just you and the car.No bloated fenders for the sake of it, small, neat, composed, classic, evolved for perfection. That volcano orange color is stunning.

  25. Fair enough.But I still wouldn’t buy one. Of the two reviews I’ve seen, 5 different drivers (three of them race drivers) said there’s a disconnect between you and the car and that it doesn’t really feel like you’re driving it. That’s what I meant by soul. Yes, other supercars have computers in them too. But at least it feels like you’re actually doing the majority of the work, instead of just coming along for the ride.It does sound great and look good though. I’ll give it that.

  26. You sound as if everybody on the planet has the driver skill of F1 drivers. Reality check: They do not.Ask a fighter pilot with a F22. Computers do pretty much everything there too, and even helps the pilot fly the plane since it is unstable. A MiG 21 is a “pilot’s plane” with a seriously powerful engine, good avionics and no computer gizmos. Now, which of them would a pilot rather have?”I can drive however I want”. Utter nonsense. Honda realized this in 1990 already, hence the NSX.

  27. It’s important to remember that the italia lap was done by sacked stig and the mp4-12c was lapped by new stig, it’s also worth noting that somewhere on youtube is a video of sacked stig taking various cars around a track including the 458 and the mp4-12c and in that comparison the 458 ended up being quicker then the mp4-12c.

  28. McLaren remind me of the German car manufacturers… all tech, no soul.Sure, they’re definitely an efficient business that make fast cars, but if I had the money, I’d buy something different.

  29. Well thats my point it’s a better car, build quality and performance wise. Again looks and sound is just opinions. But don’t get me wrong here, i like the sound of Ferrari V8’s too 🙂 Have nice day!

  30. The whole car is boring pal. No passion in the design,just numbers. You don’t even drive the thing. The computers do everything.The Ferrari is superior because it’s much more of a drivers car. Sure this thing is faster but only if you drive it like Mclaren wants you to. If I put down this much money for a car I want to drive it however I want. I can do that with the Ferrari anytime I want + I get a waaay better sound to go with it coming from an award winning,naturally aspirated engine. 🙂

  31. ^^ Looks and sound is a matter of opinion… Handling is physics.. and the Ferrari is not as good as the Mclaren. it’s a fact.Look: you can’t mean that the 458’s rear looks better than the Mp4-12c ^^ really you think that?

  32. I like to see designers that understand that most often the best solution already exists in nature. you don’t see that type of thinking with chevy…

  33. I like to see designers that understand that most often the best solution already exists in nature. you don’t see that type of thinking with chevy…

  34. I like to see designers that understand that most often the best solution already exists in nature. you don’t see that type of thinking with chevy…

  35. but Im guessing McLaren made some mechanics go out to the TopGear track & tweak the car before letting it go around, unlike the Ferrari which was only bought & driven straight out of the show room

  36. i guess, i forgot or should have said that mclaren is doing good for the economy in a short term. i see what you mean but the only thing that concerns me is that, though they help other businesses in investing heavily in their facility, mclaren wouldn’t get enough return out of it, due to the financial instability. but then again we never know when it’ll end and maybe investing now rather than later would be a better decision. that’s if we’re at a recovery.

  37. but its not that simplistic.well yes maybe in a very simplistic view. What i am simply saying is dollar for dollar. meaning actual dollars invested in this facility and the engineering costs and so forth. Compare this with the actual number of employees a facility like this might employ and the investment in a dream car facility just doesn’t hold any water in financial unstable times.

  38. I love it but i can’t be more impressed by it as i am about Nissans GTR . Coz i understand why this is fast starting by its little weight and huge power but a GTR is fast in spite of it being fat and having less power than most competitors and much less cheaper , i mean what does nissan do that other brands dont ?

  39. ironically that actually helps the economy… slightly. you see the reason why there is high unemployment is because businesses aren’t getting enough money to employ people. if people and businesses spend money, the countries economy will boost. but the thing is no one has money in the first place. though this is a too simplistic economic explanation but im just saying that what mclaren is doing is good for the economy.

  40. well it actually lost when fifth gear tested them side by side using the same driver in the same conditions on that track. While the Stig had been switched between the series as far as the Top Gear times are concerned and it appears the second sting is faster considering his times on similarly performing vehicles. But overall I’d say the McLaren certainly is a little faster.

  41. Wow you’ve spent all this money on a whole state of the art facility to 1 vehicle while your country is suffering from the hugest deficit and unemployment rate in history…whats wrong with this picture!…i’m sure nobodies interested in the fastest car when they cant even feed there family.

  42. No hate, but I’m just trying to make a point.The McLaren was set-up for the Top Gear track as they were testing the car there.Don’t get me wrong, I love both cars! 🙂

  43. I don’t disagree. Electromagnetic suspension (on the MP4), which by the way was developed by Bose, is superior. I would even say it’s better then the F1 Push-Rod suspension (not sure though). However, I still don’t believe the wheel placement can be felt as accurately because of the amount of energy the system absorbs. Energy is absorbed by the suspension giving less information to the driver. Not saying it is worse, on the contrary. It greatly improves the cars performance.

  44. “more feel” might be comming from the fact that the steering system is not designed as good as it should and so it resists imputs and the suspension does a bad job in dampening shock recieved on the front axle. Both car’s steering wheels are mechanically linked to the font wheels and any reaction they have would be transmitted directly to the steering wheel.

  45. I think it’s more accessible because there’s more feel in the car. Obviously I’ve never driven either, so it’s a guess. But do note that better suspension is better for control, but doesn’t mean the driver gets the response from the steering wheel as much as he would like. So you’re right. And wrong, depending on what you consider to be ‘better’. And yes, oversteer is exciting;)

  46. “the handling of the 458 is much more accessible” “And more fun”, the handling on the 12C is better as it has been better engineered, simply look at it, it has a more sophisticated suspention system and multiple electronic systems to make it more agile, what you mean to say is the Ferrari is more uncontrollable and therefore fun, thats what some reviews and pointed out.

  47. what he means is when you break all the weight usually goes to the front wheels, with this the drag created by the air break both slows down the car on its own and put more downforce on the rear tires.

  48. The new version has 616 BHP and is already availible, and they are offering this upgrade to any current 12C owner that doesnt have the enhancements free of charge.

  49. And thats the look they were going for, as with the name. I personally like a vehicle better that was designed by an engineer who knew what he was doing and putting things on paper with a purpose as opposed to a “designer” that has no idea about aerodynamics and forcing a unnatural shape into a car. I find it pure and elegant.

  50. Man if I could work there, first thing I would do is use my employee discount to buy a set of those rims in black. They don’t even have to pay me for a whole 4 months, I’ll sleep in my car.

  51. there’s so much attention to detail, which is cool, but i can’t help but think the mp4-12c is bland. it’s got all technology in the world in it, but it doens’t do anything for me. the back end and the horizontal lines are horrendous. the front end is ugly. the body, the lights and side profile are cool. it’s like it’s been designed by an engineering mind and not a designer’s mind.

  52. I suppose its the same principle as when you accelerate and the centre of gravity moves to the rear… Or brake and it moves to the front. I don’t know I have just confused myself.

  53. What does he say at the very end? Couldnt quite understand him.The more I see this car the more I like it, maybe not the prettiest but I could live with that.

  54. the rear wing changes the centre of gravity? that doesnt sound right. maybe slightly. still wicked car, that highest point over the midpoint of tyre is a pretty neat idea.

  55. Do you know that Christianity is correct? The world around us reveals that G-d DOES exist, and the historical evidence reveals that Jesus Christ really did come to this earth and there is overwhelming evidence that Jesus Christ really did physically rise from the dead. Jesus is coming again and the signs of the end times that were foretold in the Bible are coming to pass.

  56. Variano Handling Course: 12C: 1:14.81458: 1:15.14Autocar Dry Handling Track:12C: 1:08.60458: 1:08.90Rockingham International:12C: 1:27.50458: 1:28.30Try doing some research.

  57. 90% of these supercars DO NOT see track. Therefore it is nonsense to make them even faster, because most rich ballers are going to drive it in London looking for some late night pussey action rather than a race. In terms of look Italia > MP4. In terms of performance which doesnt count these days MP4 wins.

  58. why morons like musvlehead have to comment this type of crap?, this mclaren is quite good looking is a bit faster than the 458 italia, yes the eventador is better but nobody in the hole video say we are better than…

  59. Breathtaking. Notice the contrast between this and Koenigsegg. This is OCD super sterile assembly. Koenigsegg is more casual, with a general thirst for horsepower. Pagani is a lot like Koenigsegg in some ways, but more artsy. Some people say that car passion died with Colin Chapman, Vittorio Jano, or Enzo Ferrari. Looking at this shows me that it all has just begun.

  60. I think if you are a really good driver, the MP4-12C is faster. It’s faster on paper too. But the handling of the 458 is much more accessible. And more fun. I’d have the Ferrari, even though the McLaren is engineered to perfection. And the engine of the Ferrari just tickles every hair on your body. The McLaren’s doesn’t. It just needs more feel…

  61. MP4-12C- 3.1 0-60, 205 MPH TS, 106ft 60-0, 592hp, 3,161lbs, 231,400 MSRP458 Italia- 3.4 0-60, 202 MPH TS, 107ft 60-0, 562hp, 3,274lbs, 257,000 MSRPMP4-12C- Top Gear Test Track Lap Time-1:16.2 (2nd) Nürburgring- 7:28458 Italia- Top Gear Test Track Lap Time-1:19.1 (17th) Nürburgring- 7:32MP4-12C-Better ride, more drivable, more track oriented, more efficient 458 Italia- more “Italian Passion” which means it is more likely to burst into flame the first week you own it.

  62. Their racing side is good, no doubt but with so far they’ve only made 2 road cars. The F1’s success was the BMW engine and now the MP-whatever C is one of those cars where after driving it you get out and think the car can drive faster by itself, without you in there. If they stop being so anal to achieve perfection in their company and instead make a few more cars instead. Already the competition is tough for these types of cars so these guys better step their game up soon.

  63. WOW, so frickin boring and soul-less. You can tell what this company’s priorities are when they actually think about diameter of a trolley? Their focus is on being ANAL and worry about keeping dust off shit yet their cars are still a dud. Can’t imagine people working their having a life or knowing what laughter is. I’d hate to work here or even know someone who works here.

  64. I absolutely admire how clean and pure that factory is. The incredible pride of craftsmanship in their vehicles is one thing, but to have the same in their factory is brilliant. Now if only I could afford a McLaren…

  65. It’ s sad that all this amazing artists that assemble the car can’ t own the piece of art they have created. Hope mclaren let them give a try of the car they build.

  66. I have often wondered what justifies the price of a car that costs several hundred thousand dollars. After seeing that facility, I now completely understand it is worth every penny.

  67. I appreciate the fact that its perfection in an operations sense… but I love cars… not operations management -> So I’d still rather have a 458!

  68. But, if you want to a grammar Nazi, your comment should be:If you want to be a gramma Nazi. Your comment should be:It is ‘there’, you moron.

  69. Hey bud if you have never heard a journalist give a negative review on this car well hear is an eye opener for you&a fair assessment&review of your over priced under achieving boring to look at beloved MP4-12C by the former formula one driver,well respected car enthusiast Tiff Needell go up top to your little search thingee and type in….Fifth Gear – McLaren MP4-12c vs Ferrari 458 Italia …there you will see just exactly what i have been trying to tell you..see for yourself&get back to me:):)

  70. I’ve unsubbed a while back but this brought me back. Subscribed again, this is such a nice tranquil way to learn about a nice car out there, so much I didn’t know about this car.

  71. In terms of sheer performance on a track the 458 does indeed beat the MP4-12C, but MP4-12C is the most ‘driveable’ supercar on the market. All journalists say that. I haven’t heard a single complaint about how the MP4-12C performs on a normal road, where the cars are used most of the time 😉

  72. LOL,LOL,LOL, HA HA HA..take that over priced under achieving MP4-12C and shove it up your ass! ITS SLOW and UGLY and OVERPRICED Don’t get me wrong just like the Lexus LFA they both are engineering marvels! but share the same common theme nothing special for the price! 458 and aventador outperform this look better easily! for 231k im sorry fail

  73. PR speak after PR speak ruined this episode for me. PR guy doesn’t seem to know anything about Mclaren… he was so general! I had to play this episode in mute to enjoy it

  74. People will hate me for saying this but, Steve Jobs was a fan of classic mercedes design. He would have loved to see this facility as it was also his passion to have simplicity and design in a production facility like the early Macintosh notebook.

  75. JF, you’re editing style has improved drastically over the last 2 years. I constantly watch your videos for insights about how I should plan my own shots and edits. I haven’t finished watching this, but honestly, kudos.Also, I recognize the background track. Once you find something that you like, you really latch onto it eh?

  76. check out the BBC special “The making of a McLaren” or something like that… it’s on youtube, its an hour long… and it’s amazing!

  77. 97,693 views. Maybe you’re onto something? I think so. There is no programming like this anywhere on tv or even, I think, on the internet. The interviews are professional and informed, without any “dumbing down” that you see on most mainstream stuff. The two negative points are “where’s the motor?” and JF needs to dress the part more — overall these are minor points because you are showing the world something that probably only McLaren owners and a few dignitaries have seen to this point!

  78. Art & Science coming together. When you buy a street car from them, the car has the same engineering & passion in them as those iconic race cars.

  79. i love Mclaren and that workshop makes me jealous cause it’s so well laid out, but the video spent so much time on the body and paint and other aesthetics of the car and not 1 second on the engine or other major components that really make a Mclaren a Mclaren 🙁

  80. haven’t seen the 458 faster on any tests except that one with the faulty hydraulics. The 458 is one of the slowest of the current generation of supercars.

  81. Love the precision of McLaren. It’s an engineering wet dream. Ferrari may have greater aesthetic beauty, but beneath the skin McLaren’s work really shines! Great piece JF! Keep it up bud

  82. Hey Drive, I am just wondering what type of dashboard cam do you guys use? I am looking to buy myself a few cam for security purposes. Hopefully not too pricy. Would you guys be kind enough to point me to the right direction? Thx in advance

  83. Holy cow! This has to be the most amazing automotive production facility out there today. The level of attention to detail is unreal. I would love to tour this place.

  84. Love this show the best so far. You don’t get any of this when Leno visits and just says “very nice” all the time. The best part I think is the genuine passion I’ve seen from all the places you’ve visited so far, really inspiring.

  85. I really admire McLaren. The quality, the organisation, the technology, the ability to consistently compete and succeed in the most aggressive environments. All amazing. But, and don’t get me wrong, this facility does not give me the same lust as the Ferrari, Maserati or Aston plants. It seems they’re building top of the range electronic equipment. I feel a lack of feel on the mechanical and emotional side. It’s an I pod: great design/function and quality. Couldn’t care less if I smashed one.

  86. well done Drive and JF and all the crew. These vids keep getting better and better. HQ and relevant and artful. I see the point of Drive now.

  87. that building is crazy,would be cool to live in a house based off of the design. also to work there must be peace for someone that has a strong emotional connection to cars. id give a kidney to see that place

  88. As amazing as this car is, the 458 is still faster than it by most comparison tests. Having said that, I read that ferrari does tinker with it’s press cars. I have seen a few 458’s ( I live in NJ). But I think it will be a very very long time before I see an MP4-12c on the road. It’s just more exclusive.

  89. I came here from another video just because I saw the McLaren in the thumbnail pic, thinking it was maybe just another review of the car, ended up sitting watching the whole thing totally entranced.It’s like something out of iRobot.

  90. JF and Drive team! AMAZING job!!! U are raising the bar for the automobile industry media resources. GOOD JOB! Leo don’t get jealous we still love u and shakedown!

  91. My boss had his delivered, and sent it straight back. At least 3 panels not lined up properly, and the satnav don’t work. So what was the final auditor doing as they mention in the film? Not good for a £200k car.

  92. I don’t even really like cars, but from an engineering perspective this is phenomenal. wonderful to see pure design in real world application.

  93. Difference between this place and the Porsche Classic centre: here they care about the building and how clean it is, at Porsche Classic they car about the cars.

  94. I’m a Kiwi, and a real McLaren fan. The MTC is fabulous. Gorgeous. Incredible.But I have to say that I have never heard so much utter bullshit as this guy talking about the production line: it’s like the guy masturbating on camera.

  95. It looks clean and german… but where is the passion? Imagine the Lamborghini factory in the 1990s when they released the Diablo! (If we allow ourselfs to forget about the economical difficulties) That was probably glorious!

  96. These episodes are awesome! As both a film nut and tech/car nut the Driven series hit’s home on several levels! They’re like DVD bonus features for cars! Love the music, editing and drama infused into every episode! Bravo!

  97. To you guys @Drive I want to thank you for all these great videos you guys are producing. You keep your ear to your viewers and that is why I think your channel is becoming my favorite automotive show overall.

  98. This guy over here is so boring i bet he didnt even cried when he was born out of laziness, I remember when tiff was here to check the thn hyper car SLR Mclaren, we miss you Tiff

  99. This is not a factory, rather a museum that happens to assemble cars. I don’t think I have even seen Hospitals that clean…

  100. You guys should convince Cadillac to make some new ads. I like the ones that they have now, but even a video of the cts-v, which I love, can get old when you see it 100 times. I guess you can also consider this a compliment since the reason I’ve seen the current ads so many times is because I watch Drive so often. Good video JF

  101. At first I think i saw an spot of dirt on that factory floor… Then i just reached out and scrubbed away some crap from my monitor.

  102. I love the look of cars, don’t get me wrong. But I always wonder why we put so much value and time into paint jobs. The feeling the first time your new car gets a scratch or a dent is absolutely awful. Maybe there’s a more durable way of doing things that still protects the metal and the aesthetics?

  103. The passion and commitment of this people its outstanding.I can only wish to be able to work in a place like this when i’m a mechanic.

  104. I think its a fair assumpton that to say that the technical expertise (subjective and objective) of the work is superior to the VW, Ferrari and others. The output: the cars, I’m sure have amazing build quality. However I would liked the video to talk a little bit more about quality and maybe given us a few numbers and facts. These numbers would have given us more of a context and also aided comparison. I think they styled the environment, which is fine but i tihnk it could look even cooler.

  105. On a quality control level, which is what counts from an engineering standpoint, they’re on a similar level and in some cases at a higher level than many aerospace and space manufacturers. The question of which factory looks nicer isn’t so important. I may be wrong, but I’d wager that the Mp4-12c is built to far stricter quality and dimensional tolerances than any vw.

  106. Is this factory really that unusual? It has some nice lighting, and some nice tiles but much of the systems are just the same as other recent car factories. The VW Pheaton Dresden factory is more interesting, lighter probably just as advanced and more unusual in my opinion, it even has a wooden floor! But then again I have visited neither.. I think McLaren could have gone further with this building if they wanted to make something amazing and advanced. That applies to the car also. Sorry Ron.

  107. You don’t understand the meaning of race cars then. A Veyron is a car designed for billionaires without any sense, its about the biggest numbers including weight and aerodynamic drag. A Mclaren is a car designed for millionaires that understand how speed is engineered. No Lambo bullshit vents or Ferrari bling and burnouts or Bugatti straight line speed. Its about balance and efficiency to power. It’s an everyday driver built by F1 engineers.

  108. This was a very memorable video, Thanks JF. I now have a different respect for this car. Every line, color, panel and shape now has meaning when I see the car. The MP4-12C, after this video, is an emotive sculpture of engineering and not a moving fax machine name.

  109. it looks like some kind of space station, incredible. im sure anyone would be impressed with a tour round a prestigeous factory but listening to those sucess figures at the beginning. wow. thanks alot JF, this was amazing!

  110. I loved everything about this video except the host! This guy sucks big time….I really like CHRIS HARRIS, he should do more reviews….

  111. 12 years is a long time to be working for a team and perhaps he’s looking to be challenged rather than be content.And JF- please don’t wear a suit (or cut your hair). Maybe when you’re 50 but for now just be passionate about cars.

  112. This dude has a face for radio and a voice for silent film. After seeing this McLaren should have a lifetime ban on bloggers. Also, the questions were mind-numbingly banal. “Filler, filler filler, filler filler?” “Stock answer” “Hmmm, filler.” Takes some mad skillz to make a video with a McLaren in it unwatchable.

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