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What An F1 Car Looks Like Cut in Half

For the last two years the Sauber F1 Team mechanics have been using their downtime to slice a Formula One racing car lengthwise down the middle with the precision of true craftsmen. Chief Designer Matt Morris quite literally gets underneath the skin of the F1 car, pointing out where and how the individual components are located within the chassis. Everything is packed in pretty tightly. Sergio Pérez is also on hand to demonstrate the driver’s seating position.


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  1. I’ve seen this in Hinwil on that event a couple of weeks ago. On the sunday of the last race, i don’t know if you know which event i mean cause it wasn’t that big, that event. I just want to say, that i like the team sauber very much. It’s the only swiss team on the grid and for me who is swiss, that’s really something special. I wish you all the best for the future. 😀

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  3. hjello sauber i know i am pretty old to start but i think i can do it, im turning 15 in may. do you mind talking to me on how to get started with this sport like go carting & that if you have time, im sure you dont, but if you do please contact me , thanks a bunch chris

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  5. Sorry for the long delay on the response. We will definitely be in Austin (actually we will be there a couple days early since we live just up the road)!! Just got our tickets in the mail today. All season we have been rooting for you! So we look forward to being able to see you all in person!! Best of luck this weekend in India!!Re: the background, I will definitely post something up once I get everything set up for the background.

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  9. It’s not a comfortable position to sit in for up to 2 hours. But the guys are in good shape and use their legs all the time (acceleration and braking). Check out the related pictures on our facebook page – one is showing more, at least of the gearbox.

  10. Not sure which hole thingy you mean… The ‘big thingy’ above/behind the driver’s head/helmet is the airhorn (which feeds air to the engine for combustion). There is also a little ‘hole thingy’ underneath the airhorn which is used to lift up the cars with a cran in case they stop on the race track. We hope this is helpful 🙂

  11. LOL… Thanks for the advice! Check out the items available from our online shop! Some really cool stuff… Can’t post the link here – but got to our website and click the little “Shop” link.

  12. Awesome video, dead shame you guys couldn’t show the engine! 🙁 Was really looking forward to that as I’m a big big car fan. I’ve got a 750hp 2.0ltr Evo. Quick question though, Don’t the drivers suffer from bad blood circulation with their legs almost as high as their shoulders?

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  17. Found link to this vid on Sauber F1 Team Facebook page. Brilliant concept and execution of real world cutaway, filming, commentary, and editing.Looking forward to Sauber F1’s return at Spa at the end of August.

  18. Too bad they had such an exquisite object that they blew the camera work. Always the wrong angle and never the right zoom. Why spend two years cutting it up, for this video? At least a perpendicular side shot of the driver? Terrible.

  19. I understand that they can’t show the engine but it still kills me. I would give up my left testicle to get the opportunity to tear one of those engines apart with one of their engineers there explaining all the detail of such a marvelous piece of mechanical engineering.

  20. Yeah, getting the real details with regard to Spygate would be very interesting indeed. In my opinion, the F2007 and MP4/22 were very different cars, and the MP4/22 was superior my some margin (McLaren actually won the Constructors’ Championship on paper). How did McLaren build a superior car to the F2007 if all they did was “copy” Ferrari? I’m guessing it was just the epitome of the dirty politics that perpetuated the Mosley era in the FIA probably based off of little fact.

  21. They don’t want their engines secrets being passed onto their competitors. Since 07-08 all the Engines in the cars to my knowledge have been frozen in terms of development. I mean look at Pirelli and Bridgestone; Pirelli’s first year back in F1 they asked Bridgestone some questions on how to make the tires last longer and the Japanese mark refused because they did not want any of their secrets getting out. Kind of why I’d love to just see any bit of the technical data from the “Spy gate” scandal

  22. Don’t really understand why BMW wouldn’t let you guys photograph their engine components. It’s not like they’re going to be racing those engines ever again. Even if they were to make V-8 engines for LeMans or something, they’d almost definitely be completely different.

  23. i guess bmw said no to showing their insides of the engine to us? pity it is not shown on the pics like in this video…the perspex replacement sort odd spoils it unfortunatily..

  24. That was am awesome video. Never realised how high up the drivers feet were compared to the rest of his body. The custom seat has to be comfortable I’m sure.

  25. no i’m very familiar with these kind of cutting because when I was young I cut mu bburago cars in half, next time you bring it to me my grinder bosch and torch will made sayber piece of art:-)

  26. As some of you were asking about the music used in this video: We weren’t able to find the artists’ names, but the song titles are Rumour Mill (first song) and Countermeasure (second song).

  27. It is exhibited in our factory, but access is limited to sponsors’ guests… We will though post high-res pictures on our facebook page soon. Glad you liked the video! Make sure to share it with your friends.

  28. I really enjoyed watch this video 🙂 Thank you for uploading and preparing Japanese subtitle. It helped me a lot to understand easily since my first language is Japanese. Btw is there any place we can see this model?

  29. better just employ me then 🙂 spent several years working in F1 as a software engineer and now live less than an hour away from you 🙂

  30. I’ve always liked Sauber because they were a decent, friendly privateer team fighting a tricky battle against the might of the big teams.Since 2009, the team have morphed into being easily the most likable on the grid. Two exciting drivers in Checo and Kobayashi and a likable management team in Peter Sauber and Monisha Kaltenborn.It’s been great to see the team reach out to fans and I couldn’t be happier to see them have such a fruitful season. I hope more podiums are on the way this year!

  31. Sorry what i meant was that cutaway car really used during races?.Specifically would it mean for 2 mechanics during a pit stop to carry each half of the wing and attached it to the car if the wing gets damaged? Given that “scenario”,I really see that as a huge disadvantage to the team.

  32. Don’t get me wrong the intros is spot on, but the rest is just awful! For chirst sake they keep on zooming in and out, the shots are not steady so the focus gets lost and as icing on the cake you even can see the the film crew… Wich are using a fairly outdated equipment… You did not waste my time it just hurts to see such high level of amateurism in a company with a fairly high performance level…

  33. Wow, thanks for the Info. Are you allowed to say something about how hot the batterys can get when they charging up or is this also some cofidential Information?

  34. How about another spot on the engineering of brakes or major components….so people can realize the countlesd engineering hrs spent on major system and gain a deeper for the science behind racing.

  35. I’m guessing it isn’t a Ferrari engine and gearbox they cut in half, they probably got permission from BMW to use one of theirs, or maybe it’s a Cosworth (never used by Sauber).V cool anyway.

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  38. great video. helps realise the facts for those who are not convinced that f1 is a tough and dangerous sport.amazing proximity of the fuel tank with the pilot who has practically his butt on the floor! what a position when the temperature gets hot and you get frustrated by the race….explains a lot of post-race tired and frustrated reactions.engine and gearbox not possible, not really a secret but close. show me yours i’ll show you mine sort of thing.

  39. What took so long? Two years for what? They cut it with a spoon?Mi tartott ezen 2 évig? “Önkéntes fémgyűjtő szakembereink” sztem fél óra alatt végeztek volna egy ilyen művelettel…

  40. F1 is supposed to be the pinnacle of motor racing. 2.4 litres is not the pinnacle of motor racing. F1 engines should be big V12s, turbos, nitrous, the lot.

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  42. If you were just going to ruin the damn thing I would have been MORE than happy to give that car a good home!! makes me feel sick..Shit “I ll still take it and lovingly rejoin it” and yea if that guy drops that million dollar driver, his pink slip is a FACT…

  43. @metaled16 I agree Brits are great designers but just want to remind you that the company is British owned (about 80% anyway) and the guy who designed the V8 Vantage was a Dane. So not totally British by any stretch.

  44. Because the British are brilliant as designing cars. Not to blow my patriotic trumpet or nothing. The same applies with road car manufacturers. Jaguar and Aston Martin (Being sold to other countries) are designed by Brits

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  46. I have always known that F1 driver have very high fitness requirements, however after viewing this the “human component” is truly squeezed in. Not only do they need super human fitness, they need amazing flexibility and amazing levels of core strength!

  47. The techincal directors for McLaren, Ferrari, Williams, Mercedes, Force India, Williams, Lotus and Sauber are all British…

  48. So if let’s say during a race,if the front wing gets caught up and damaged which commonly happens in f1 races.How are the pit crew gonna assemble the racecar a new wing?????.

  49. да, конечно, как минимум газ и тормоз – сцепление они вроде переключают на руле.

  50. Bad cameraman is bad cameraman. Bad video editor, is bad video editor. And seems like they choose both of the worst to make this video.

  51. Could have been very interesting if they left the presenter out and showed the close up of the car – instead of wasting 2 years chopping the car why not just show a diagram it would have been equally if not more informative…

  52. yes its annoying! why have music over this video anyway id rather listen more clearly to the fascinating knowledge about the car lol

  53. Cut off wheels, band saws… pretty much anything would work. What’s actually impressive are the parts they didn’t cut and reassembled into halved casings to show exposed assemblies. A real pity the director focused more on the guy talking than the actual vehicle.

  54. ive been on a force india f1 factory tour they said even there people cant open gearboxes or even start a engine without mercedes people being there. “secret”

  55. this question is for “saubermotorsport” what is the name of the song starting from 1:06 and ending to 1:58? please help how to find the name of the artist or the name of the song!

  56. Idiots asking for specs of the trans and engine c’mon, dumbasses.Otherwise great video, always wanted to see how everything fitted into such limited space, amazing.

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  58. They don’t go into specific detail on parts and pieces that aren’t covered by the rules explicitly (hence why he does talk about the fuel cell and steering column). While this car is a few years old (looks like a version of the 2008-ish car) this still would have been a Ferrari engine and I’m sure they wouldn’t have been pleased if they went too in depth about the parts and pieces they specifically use =P

  59. Only watched this to see an F1 engine spliced in half…and they didn’t even show it. Fail.Still interesting but not nearly as much as it could of been.

  60. Yes! desperately need to be de-interlaced and re-uploaded. Sad mistake as it’s otherwise awesome in all other aspects.

  61. Yes it will blend!! Ok? I think they didn’t do a proper profile or detailed slow mo because the f1 teams are notoriously secretive and they don’t wanna give away any design tips to the competition.

  62. Absolutely assinine shooting and editing. There should at least be lots af SLOW pans on the sections, if not static holds so you can take it in. They didn’t even do anything near a profile of the driver. Unbelievable! All I can imagine is that it’s meant for shareholders.

  63. needs to have a super high res image taken of it with small labels linking to a detailed description on what each part is etc as not enough shown in this short video…

  64. Good video, however apple execution at the end was slightly disappointing, i would of suggested using Granny Smith for a more reasonable crunch.

  65. How ignorant can you be? F1 cars are made to drive as quickly as possible within a set of specifications. If being “too long” enhances its performance, so be it. Just sayin….

  66. haha… i would like to cut you in half and see whats in your head. Did you not see where the driver sits? How much smaller do you want it to be? Much shorter, and hes feet would be touching the front of the car

  67. Well, the electric motor is locatet at the front of the enginge and is normaly directly connectet to the crankshaft. The batterys are under the fueltank. Some rumours also say, that some teams locatet the batterys under the gearbox. But i don’t know if this is true. I think, the heat from the gearbox would lower the batteryperformance to much, but F1 engineers are cleverer than i am, so maybe they found a solution for this problem.

  68. Great informative video! Please ignore the somewhat-witty numbskull comment entries above. While they go from site to site with pithy one-liners, desperately hoping someone will like them .. You guys build something real. And when you cleanly cut it in half, it looks …. amazing.

  69. Very cool and tremendously informative. Always wondered what things looked like inside. Too bad for Perez, though: “you’re just another component.” Ouch!

  70. Yeah im not too sure Ferrari would be happy with them 1> showing the engine, 2> cutting one in half. ;-)either way you take what u get from it dont you, if that was a McLaren, apart from maybe some be-spoke tech the packaging is going to be the same throughout the grid near enough anyways, very interesting and well done Sauber, some of the bigger teams don’t have the balls to do this, even on an older car!

  71. Fantastic but at the same time annoying as hell, the engine is the very heart of the car and we don’t get to see it close-up.I’m no engine expert but wouldn’t be suprised if that is an old one used for the sake of having something there. Shame Ferrari would never allow it to be shown in any detail.Still a fantastic bit of footage, thanks Sauber.

  72. Really, the only thing in electrics that is still being developed is batteries. Lithium/air is lighter and much more powerful that anything in use today. An electric motor puts out maximum torque at 1 rpm. the motors can be made small and light and do not have to turn 18K rpm to produce power. Sorry but electric is the future, like it or not…

  73. no I’m not. but because you’re immature you have a mindless need to make me wrong instead of realizing I’m right and learning from it. if you the people of the world weren’t so obtuse I wouldn’t have to school you and get all these negative votes.

  74. no, you get alot of negative votes because you’re being so immature about this. ‘I’m the smart one here.’ what, are you five? you probably dont even understand how KERS works. put imply, it gathers up about 400 kilojoules of energy in a quick release battery, that is then released into the gearbox through a powerful electric motor, increasing the power by about 80bhp. theres also one that works solely through flywheels dleivering power directly to the rear wheels, but this is less common I think

  75. Yes I know that. That’s why I’m asking the question… As this car in the video is the F1.08, how/where does KERS fit into the 2012 spec car?

  76. I thought formula 1 kers are mostly electric motors and batteries..and I get a lot of negative votes exactly because I’m the smart one and there are a lot of ignorant fan boys

  77. They came up with KERS because it’s lighter and more effective than trying to add in a heavy electric motor and inefficient battery solely for regenerative braking. You received enough negative votes to be hidden in under two hours, I kind of doubt that you are the smart one between the two of you.

  78. turd brain, did they come up with kers on their own or because the electric revolution is putting pressure on them?do you think it will end with kers or is it headed for full electric?think a little. I’m the smart one. you are not

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