MFG Launches New Wind Energy Brand

The Molded Fiber Glass Companies (MFG) is introducing MFG Wind, a new brand that brings together the companies comprehensive range of wind energy product and services.

MFG is a supplier of blades, nacelles and spinners to the wind energy market. As the wind industry has matured and the fleet of installed turbines is aging, operators are demanding new, sophisticated aftermarket services. According to industry reports, aftermarket services are now the fastest growing segment and should remain strong in the foreseeable future.

In response to these needs, MFG is utilising the company’s network of factories and engineering resources to steadily expand its range. In 2008, the company founded Wind Energy Services Company to provide field repair and maintenance services. Then, in 2011 it added newly fabricated spare replacement parts, blade reconditioning services, and factory repairs – including enhancements that can improve the efficiency of older, smaller turbines.

Today the company provides a one-stop, premium resource for ‘all things composite’ – across the entire lifespan of a wind turbine. This includes support to traditional OEM manufacturers and wind farm operators, as well as emerging companies and equipment resellers. With six factories actively producing composites for wind, two WES service centres providing field and factory services, and a dedicated test and research laboratory – MFG has created a wind turbine composites company to provide comprehensive lifetime support for both OEM manufacturers and operators.

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