Sabic Teams up with Fraunhofer to Develop Composites

The Saudi Basic Industries Corporation and Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, a German research
organisation have signed an agreement to mutually develop advanced technologies

The strategic agreement between the two companies comprises various research areas. SABIC is especially interested in research cooperation in fields such as light weighting products including polymeric materials and composites, with applications in the automotive and aerospace industry. SABIC also has a strong interest in solar energy technology.

Commenting on the agreement, Dr. Ernesto Occhiello, SABIC Executive Vice President, Technology and Innovation said:

We are proud to partner with Fraunhofer reputed to be Europe’s largest application-oriented research organisation. As in the case of SABIC, the work undertaken by their researchers and developers has a significant impact on people’s lives. We have built, and are continuing to build, networks of research alliances with key global partners and innovation leaders to meet our strategic growth ambitions, address customer interest, and meet sustainability needs.

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