Hexagon Composites awarded TITAN contract in Thailand

Through its wholly-owned subsidiary Lincoln Composites, Hexagon Composites has been awarded a new contract to supply 55 lightweight Titan transport modules to SC Group in Thailand. This represents the largest single Titan contract to date for Hexagon Composites worldwide.

SC Group is an integrated logistics services in Thailand. The Thai state-owned oil and gas company PTT Public Company Limited has recently contracted SC Group to transport CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) using the lightweight Titan transport modules.

The contract will generate strong activity in Lincoln Composites for Q3 2012.

On a global scale, Thailand represents the largest market for road transportation of natural gas from pipeline-connected mother stations to NGV fuelling daughter stations. Over 1,500 steel trailers presently operate in the country. With its significantly lighter weight and substantially larger transport capacity, the Titan has proven to reduce fuel consumption by more than 60% compared with conventional steel trailer technology.

The Titan tank is based around a Filament wound epoxy-carbon fibre composites shell with a Polyurethane coating applied to the outer surface to enhance the abrasion and scuff resistance of the container, as well as acts as a moisture protection layer. The tank is designed to transport compressed natural gas, hydrogen, nitrogen and helium and can be mounted to a ISO 1496 shipping container. The module weighs 14,500 kg unpressurised and can be transported via rail, truck or ship.

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