MGP Launch New Biodegradable Resins

MGP, a manufacturer of grain and other plant-based ingredient solutions have announced the development of Terratek BD, a new line of biodegradable composite resins.

This latest entry in the company’s portfolio of eco-friendly bioplastic products is to be manufactured at MGP’s facility in Onaga in Kansas and  will be introduced at the Sustainable Packaging Forum slated for Sept. 11-13 in Pittsburg.

Among the most unique aspects and advantages of Terratek BD is the product’s ability to serve as a cost-effective solution for creating heat-tolerant, bio-based compostable products compared to similar type resins.

Applications for Terratek BD include a variety of injection-moulded industrial and consumer products such as disposable packaging materials and containers. The material can also be used in many other injection-moulded applications including durable products that benefit from being compostable at the end of their lifespan.

Terratek BD is produced at MGP’s facility in Onaga, Kan., from a proprietary blend of wheat and corn-based products, as well as other compostable materials. Natural components derived from renewable grain sources make up the majority of the resins’ content by weight. The smooth, white, pellet-size resins can be easily processed, shaped and colored by finished goods manufacturers to meet their specific product designs and needs.

Mike Parker, bioplastics product development and sales manager said;

The launching of Terratek BD represents another major step in MGP’s ongoing commitment to deliver commercially viable product offerings that help reduce reliance on conventional petroleum-based plastics, it provides an ideal alternative for multiple applications wherein the manufacture of fully compostable products is highly desirable.

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