The Coren Carbon Fibre Bike

This stunning carbon fibre bike is the Coren and is made by German company UBC, better known for making parts for the motor sports industry.

The bike weights in at a skinny 7,700 grams, thanks to the very high tensile strength T1000 carbon fibres which are otherwise used almost solely in Formula 1 monocoques. The avant-garde shape of the bike was created by UBC designer Christian Zanzotti, and the design of the frame: super-slim top and down tubes lend the coren a unique lightness,

It takes around 40 hours to make a coren by hand and almost everything that applies to traditional bicycle production goes by the board. The design and the size of the frame are based on a new approach: UBC fits the down tube, the top tube and the seat tube together on an adjustable frame gauge.

From tailoring the carbon fibre layers through the manufacture of aluminium forms and curing the carbon parts to connecting the three sections of the frame – the entire manufacturing process is carried out on UBC premises.

Marco Noack, developer and designer at UBC said;

The frame, like all UBC components, is manufactured in a clean room, in accordance with motor sport and premium vehicle construction standards, furthermore, we document everything. That includes details concerning the source, type of material, quality and employees,” he continues.

The bike was completed using specialist German manufacturers such Tune, Schmolke, BOR, and Trickstuff which also facilitated close collaborative partnerships, the carbon fibre wheels came from ENVE Composites and the Gates carbon belt drive system came from the USA.

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The coren is available from the end of 2012 directly from the manufacturers. Given UBC’s heavy workload of motor racing projects, only a limited number of the high-tech bicycle will be available, either as Singlespeed, Pedelec or Fixie. The price is around €25,000 (incl. VAT).


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