Ashland to Announce Gelcoat Production in Brazil

Ashland Performance Materials, are set to announce the beginning of the production of Maxguard premium gelcoats in Brazil at this years Feiplar composites event.

The decision to invest in the local production was motivated by the marine market growth, one of the main consumers of gelcoat – Ashland has been marketing Maxguard premium gelcoats in Brazil since mid-2010.

According to Rodrigo Oliveira, marketing and sales manager of Ashland;

The demand from domestic boat builders has grown steadily. In parallel, some of the international boat builders we serve globally have opened manufacturing in Brazil

Available in around 900 colors, Maxguard™ gelcoat is a reference worldwide for combining a superior index of color repeatability and low emission of volatile organic compounds (VOC). The Maxguard™ LE series, for example, emits 50% less VOC than conventional products (LE stands for “Low Emission”). The high levels of resistance to weathering, hydrolysis, corrosion and abrasion also stand out. “So much so that the greatest brands in the marine market worldwide exclusively specify Maxguard™ gelcoat,” says Oliveira.

Also used by boat builders, as well as in transportation applications, the structural adhesives Pliogrip is another product that Ashland will feature at Feiplar. Intended for the bonding of composite parts in various types of substrates, the structural adhesives Pliogrip provide numerous performance and efficiencies advantages compared to traditional fastening systems, such as bolts and rivets.

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