A Recycled Composites Art Bar

In collaboration with New York-based design firm FXFOWLE, SCRA have produced a composites art bar. The serving bar was manufactured in South Carolina and installed at the Miami Project and demonstrates the many possibilities for recycled materials and modern design.

The Miami Project is a contemporary and modern art fair held last week. It coincides with the 11th annual Art Basel Miami Beach, a premier international art show, as well as the 23rd annual Art Miami.

The bar, conceived by FXFOWLE and detailed by SCRA, incorporates recycled material, specifically carbon fibre material derived from old aircraft components, has been developed by MIT-RCF, a Lake City, South Carolina company. This material offers remarkable tensile strength and flexibility and can adjust to any mould.

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The bar is available for purchase and 20 percent of the proceeds will be donated to charities, including 10 percent toward the Miami Art Museum and 10 percent to support men and women of the armed forces through the Wounded Warrior Project. A limited production run of no more than 10 pieces will also be considered.

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