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Inside Koenigsegg

Inside Koenigsegg provides for the first time, a look behind the scenes at Koenigsegg and examine how innovation within the highest echelon of sports car manufacturers will affect the broader automotive world.

In the first episode, Christian Von Koenigsegg reveals the secrets behind building automotive components from carbon fibre, the strong, lightweight material that’s crucial to modern high-performance cars.


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  1. Fibreglass as well. The whole process is a lot of fun to do. Ive never done carbon fibre tho, but kinda the same process. Man, I wish we had CF in my robotics class in High school haha. Rock on man. ^^

  2. If you’re referring to the White Zombie datsun, yes I’ve seen it. It gets quick off the line thanks to those tourquey electric motors but it tops out quickly aswell. Agera R still has a higher top speed and will handle that power a lot better. Again, same principal.The Datsun is has high tourque motor on a relatively light car. Agera R is a supercar with aircon, much more parts, airbags and a whole lot of other things it has to comply with today’s safety standards.

  3. They don’t have engine parts out of carbon fiber, not the fuel tank, not Plenum, and so on.Pagani is art combined with engineering, this is engineering at a very very high level 🙂 both have their place!

  4. You are right, that’s amazing. But you have to consider one fact: Christian von Koenigsegg (just like Horacio Pagani for instance) runs his own micro-atelier. He is not really the CEO of a company like Winterkorn or Akerson could be. He doesn’t manage thousands of people. So we can’t really expect real CEO’s to have the same approach to the product.

  5. this is a dream, working to create these car parts and after all, to create the car itself must be great, seeing the finished carbon fiber parts, that’s something.if you’re really passionate, it would be a great job to work for Koenigsegg !

  6. I need more! That was a video about a tube and I was blown away. That was a great video and I want to know how the rest of the car was made. MOAR!

  7. it was this CEO dream to create supercar company and he’s own supercar thats why he know so much about that. I’m not sure but if im right he made big money on frozen veg’s and so and than spend it all on creating ultimate supercar.

  8. I absolutely love everything about that video. Christian von koinengingingng is a genuis, and I like how he speaks perfectly good english too. did anyone else notice that the razor which was being used to cut the carbon fiber looked like it was made of carbon fiber ? 56 seconds into the film LOL

  9. One thing that I hope for technologies like Carbon Fiber is that they will eventually be integrated into other new cars like the newer electric cars so that they can perform like a gas powered car and make the charge last longer due to the lighter weight of the car. Even if this car and its tech are not within the grasp of the everyday person, the work that is done on these cars will eventually filter down to us to make our cars better.

  10. drive, one suggestion to you:the background music is a little bit too loud for my taste. maybe you can lower the volume in the next parts?

  11. I’m a little taken aback. All that effort for just a “simple” tube and it’s in two pieces. Somehow I would think it much easier to have a CF tube, like an open ended tube sock, of the right diameter. At any rate, most of the work being done will be obsolete with materials like non-direction CF, basically like Fiberglass but far stronger. Also Thermoplastics, like Tegris.

  12. No, its not a metall. it is carbon with some glue to hold the fibres together, i guess it isn’t able to take temeratures over 1000, cause it will oxidate.

  13. There’s actually a lot of tutorials on youtube and books on DIY CF parts. The steps are basically: Make a mold, lay the CF and infuse resin, unless you’re using pre impregnated cf like these guys, then you need an oven. I actually started putting together a playlist on DIY CF parts out of curiosity.

  14. Ok1) the ariel ways about 500kg wich is nearly the half of the lucra2) It would way over 2 tons without the use of carbon fibre. I agree that there are cars that make better use of the material, but most supercars are quite heavy. It’s a totally different philosophy in the koenigsegg than let’s say in an elise. These supercars are heavy because of their engine and possibly because they need the body to be very very strong, because they want it to be perfectly safe at 350+ kph…

  15. @Jakub BártaI agree on the prestige, but about quality. Have you ever seen a video where chinese workers pack something (how fast and precise they do that). I would imagine those mad skillz in putting CF layers in the form, they would beat anybody in doing that

  16. because I would be able to afford it (I mean a high-performance super light sports car). Currently, most of the owners of such cars can’t even drive properly and are buying such cars just to show off

  17. “A sustained development program of ACG has formulated a medium temperature moulding (MTM) OoA resin systems for the aerospace industry. These prepreg materials with inexpensive process potential are associated with improved toughness and high-temperature performance, in order to meet rigid constraints of the aerospace industry.”

  18. “Producing aerospace composites without an autoclave, using vacuum-bag-only (VBO) atmospheric pressure, is nothing new. Vacuum-bagged, oven-cured material systems for secondary structures (flaps, fairings and the like) are well established. What is new is the ability for such materials to deliver the less than 1 percent void content and autoclave-quality mechanical properties required for aerospace primary structures, such as wings, fuselages and empennage components with integrated stiffeners.”

  19. When you add vacuum and heat it’s technically a autoclave sys. mr Aerospace Expert. And these are the smaller bits and pieces like I said so doesn’t require carbon fiber molds – Christian mentions it a Drive’s other special. The pre-preg from Advanced Composites Group is obviously impregnated with fast flowing designed for vacuum bag low temp epoxy resin.At GE Aviation Systems where they build the monocoque, the body panels and the Aircore wheels they have full size steam autoclaves as Needed.

  20. Yes, however they do multiple crash tests on the same monococh chassis when it permits. Front, side, and sometimes rear since the Carbon Fiber is so strong!

  21. Sorry but what is shown in the video is a simple oven, autoclaves do not have chimney pipes that oven does. All that was done in the video is vacuum bag and bake the parts the most pressure that part will see is about 14.7 psi. An autoclave is a heated pressure vessel, the parts I made saw pressures above 100 psi, we also use carbon fiber tooling because it didn’t expand more then the CTE material we were working with. I hope they are using epoxy resin because polyester resin won’t last as long

  22. I loved this! It’s nice to see what really goes into making some of the most special cars on the planet for a change… Seeing them in action is nice, but gaining a better understanding of the engineering involved that goes into making them work is always fascinating to me. Looking forward to Drive’s relationship with Koenigsegg!

  23. You are so wrong…(and making an assumption just makes an ass of yourself as the saying goes), that I can’t even be bothered to continue the discussion with you.

  24. Right…. I post for acceptance from a group of people on the internet I have never met or some virtual thumbs up of which I don’t care for… What planet are you from?

  25. You _might have noticed_ that there are “Where is Chris Harris?” comments all over drive videos the last couple of weeks. What’s the point? The point is simply fishing for approval and thumbs up. If you just wanted to pass the message across that you would like to see Chris Harris back on drive, write an email directly to them! You might have also figured out that his absence has a reason. So seriously stop putting these stupid comments in unrelated subchannels.

  26. First of all, no need to run in swearing like some sort of hard man. Surely plastering their commments board with foul language is just as insulting, if not more, than enquiring into the status of a series… Secondly, that is like, literally, the first comment I’ve made on a Drive Video relating to Chris Harris in about 3 months. So to say stop fucking polluting (as opposed to polluting without fucking?) is not only unfair but flat out wrong and for your crimes you should be shot.

  27. You’re comparing apples and oranges. The Lucra is a Mazda MX-5 with an enormous engine, the Koenigsegg is something that has had a lot of work put into it, and that has a lot of the things needed to drive it often, like, for instance, a roof.As for the Tesla, the battery technology of today makes fully electric vehicles a nuisance. The option would have been to make a hybrid, like the Porsche 918, but that hybrid system adds 400 kgs to the 918’s weight.

  28. Wow, so much to address…First of all, the Lucra you speak of has a chassis from the 1950’s. This usually means two things in a small car like that: Low structural rigidity and low safety. It also has next-to-no interior, the seats for example are metal bent to a shape and covered in leather. The Agera R, on the other hand, has a level of luxury and exclusivity to its interior. It has an infotainment system, airbags for passenger and driver, and the chassis is incredibly rigid and safe.

  29. Having worked in aerospace before with carbon fiber, I’m surprised how simple the process is for such a “High Tech” car. They should be using an autoclave to make the CF parts stronger.

  30. I enjoy watching shakedown twice as much as I enjoyed this episode and I rarely watch shakedown (only when there’s F1 coverage). Cool bro, carbon fiber is labor intensive and expensive. I mean dont get me wrong I love Drive but I think you guys can do better. Show me wind tunnel research or some test and tune. At least ask them to put one of their motors (engines for you particular f*#^$) on a dyno. Stop with that mystical music too it’s not helping. sorry for the rant lol. keep up the good work

  31. Koenigsegg weighs just under 1000 kg without all the creature comforts. When they were gonna race it (the CCGT) it’d been the lightest of it’s class (FIA GT1) and as a small comparison nearly 100 kg lighter than the Zonda R.Grow a brain.

  32. Start with a billion dollars and a lot of knowledge (masters degrees) about car design, vehicle engineering and manufacturing. That should get your first model going. Then another billion to start making them, advertising them, working on other car models and generally running the company. That is why so few new automakers last long enough to produce a car, and even fewer actually make money and are successful.

  33. Great show, please make the next one longer! There could have been a lot more depth and detail in this one, I could watch it all day. Try for 20 minutes per episode at least.

  34. I will be interested to see how the rest of this new show pans out. It did come across a little as simply a long promo ad for Koenigsegg. That isn’t so surprising as really why else would Christian agree to take the time and effort to work on something like this. Still I’ll reserve full judgement till more episodes are shown, maybe the full scope of it will reveal something more. I certainly hope so a very interesting opportunity. Nice work JF I presume for negotiating this.

  35. They have UV resistant clear coat now (have for a while) so yes you can get it with the carbon weave showing. Technically it will still be painted. There are several Bugattis and Paganis with this clear coat. It is also insanely expensive.

  36. Can’t tell if I’m more impressed with Christian, or more impressed with the cars he builds. So cool.Also, any word on what the music used is? You guys always have such great stuff, and I’ve been dying to know where you get it all. This, and the preview for COTA, if you don’t mind.

  37. Shows like this are why I love Drive as much as I love Top Gear. I just love them for very different reasons. Awesome job guys! Looking forward to more parts to the series!

  38. I was reading about how Lambo created that carbon fiber composite used in the Sesto Elemento. Im going to try to find of vid on it because that is an actual innovation. This is more of a manufacturing process video that will end as soon as they could make a machine to do it. Speaking of manufacturing and machines, I find that huge ass loom they use to make LF-A parts more interesting. Its a beast

  39. Koenigsegg is his last name. Christian von Koenigsegg. And with the x-acto knife being carbon, they might have gotten bored and made it. Happens in a car shop a lot. My friends brother got bored and tig welded a penis on his steel table because he was bored.

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