BASF Launch New Wind Energy Products

At this years JEC Composites show in Paris, BASF launched a range of products targeted towards the Wind energy sector.

The company launched a structural foam based on PET (polyethylene terephthalate). The new material with the trade name Kerdyn is a high-performance foam supplied in form of panels that is used inside rotor blades, providing additional stability.

As core material, PET foams offer exceptionally good mechanical properties and have a wide range of compatibility in terms of processing. With its ability to withstand very high temperatures and its very good chemical resistance, Kerdyn is extremely well-suited for use in composites. As part of the spectrum of lightweight materials for composites, high-quality PET foam panels are also in demand in the transportation, marine, and building/construction sectors.

For vacuum infusion of ever larger rotor blades, BASF have developed the Baxxodur System 5100 consisting of Baxxores® ER 5100 resin and Baxxodur EC 5120 hardener. This new low- viscosity system does not only result in fast and complete impregnation of the fibres, but additionally offers a considerably longer processing time than standard systems. The company will also introduce a new epoxy resin-based structural adhesive system in Paris: the Baxxodur 4100 system consists of Baxxores ER 4100 adhesive resin and the standard Baxxodur EC 4110 hardener or alternatively Baxxodur EC 4105 for fast bonding. The system has been certified for rotor blade production by German Lloyd.

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