Dow Introduce New Polyurethane System for Manufacturing Pultruded Composites

Dow Formulated Systems have introduced the new Voraforcetm TP polyurethane system for manufacturing composites by pultrusion.

This new solution enables efficient fabrication of strong, tough and durable composites used in industrial and domestic applications, such as in window manufacturing, building profiles, electrical infrastructure and civil engineering.

“Major OEMs are looking to urethane resins to permit them to achieve higher mechanical properties when competing with traditional materials, like aluminum. The lower viscosity of urethane resins permit higher glass loadings than either polyester or vinyl ester resins. This leads to pultruded urethane composites to have flexural modulus properties which approach the properties of aluminum.” He also stated: “VORAFORCETM polyurethane pultrusion resin showed excellent processing behavior as it allows especially low pull forces during the processing on our equipment.
Jeff Martin CEO of Martin Pultrusion Group

During tests with pultruded polyurethane, Dow discovered superior toughness, excellent fibre wetting, fast reaction and low emission properties at a significantly higher pultrusion speed, analysing C-shaped pultruded profiles, Dow’s research team found a significant cost savings potential in raw material, as compared to unsaturated polyester, which makes this a really attractive offering to composite fabricators.

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