GE Aviation Delivers First Wing Components for Airbus A350 XWB

GE Aviation in Southampton has made delivery of its initial production wing fixed trailing edge components for the first A350 XWB to fly.

The first A350 XWB-MSN001 is now structurally complete and is currently undergoing ground testing in Toulouse. The A350 XWB wing fixed trailing edge package is the largest production contract awarded in GE Aviation Hamble’s 75-year history, comprising more than 3,000 components that include structural composite panels and complex machined assemblies.

This delivery start up results from major achievements at GE Aviation in design and manufacturing bringing together new tool sets, materials and technologies, while also involving concurrent engineering with global suppliers to obtain material and long-lead items in unprecedented timescales. we have proved our capabilities and have created a secure foundation to build on for the future.
Steve Walters Executive Product Leader

The company began work on the wing components back in October 2008, progressing from a very basic conceptual design. In addition to increasing the scope of the companies own technical capabilities, GE involved a global design team that included resources from Poland and India.

In addition to major investments already implemented at the Hamble-le-Rice factory in Southampton, Hampshire for A350 XWB production, the site will see further enhancements with the creation of a new composites facility dedicated to this Airbus program.

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