Web Industries Buys CAD Cut

Web Industries have announce the acquisition of CAD Cut Inc, a provider of fabric cutting and kitting services for the aerospace, medical, and industrial fabrics markets.

Under the terms of the transaction, Web has bought essentially all the assets of CAD Cut, including the company name, and will continue to operate CAD Cut’s facilities in Middlesex, Vermont, and Denton, Texas.

CAD Cut specialises in providing composite ply kits to the aerospace, aviation, defence, and industrial markets and also manufactures multilayer insulation blankets for cryogenic applications in medical devices as well as process aides for wind tunnel testing devices.

Donald Romine, President and CEO of Web Industries said;

Web Industries is thrilled to add CAD Cut’s ply cutting and kitting services to our own PrecisionSlit converting technologies in order to offer the composites, medical, and industrial fabrics markets an even more comprehensive suite of material formatting services and solutions, we were attracted to CAD Cut because they’re the best at what they do, and what they do is a natural extension of what we’re best at doing.

The synergy between the two companies will be strong in the aerospace industry, Web is a leader in providing precision composite slit tape for automated manufacturing, and CAD Cut has a strong background in providing precut and kitted material for hand layup of advanced composite parts. The addition of CAD Cut’s ply cutting and kitting capabilities to Web Industries’ existing array of proprietary composite slitting, spooling, chopping, and winding technologies and services will allow the company to offer a full range of advanced composite formatting solutions to the aerospace, automotive, and industrial markets.

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