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Will 3D Printing Change the World?

Much attention has been paid to 3D Printing lately, with new companies developing cheaper and more efficient consumer models that have wowed the tech community. They herald 3D Printing as a revolutionary and disruptive technology, but how will these printers truly affect our society? Beyond an initial novelty, 3D Printing could have a game-changing impact on consumer culture, copyright and patent law, and even the very concept of scarcity on which our economy is based.

From at-home repairs to new businesses, from medical to ecological developments, 3D Printing has an undeniably wide range of possibilities which could profoundly change our world.

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  1. Has anyone heard the recent news on England printing stem cells? I think it’s fascinating for the potential 3d printing will have in the medical world. The only thing that really concerns me is the artistic side. I believe that there is a certain emotion that is felt when someone creates something out of his or her own hands. When the struggle and finesse is taken away and all can be done through printing, the emotion will become synthetic. The true feeling will be lost.

  2. I’m understanding the idea of designs on the computers, but I’m too lazy to Google right now. Can someone tell me how the printers finely make specific items from materials? Like, do they use a gel, a clay, paints? And what about metal or wood works? Food? I’m curious but lazy here

  3. Part of me is afraid that when they talk about products so openly like this on the net some corporate bigwigs are out there watching this and all the while scheming about some way 2 c—- this up 4 all of us 🙁 .Anyways I really wonder what kind of a material a household 3-D printer would handle.It’s not like it would be able to print on steel girders would it?.

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