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Worlds First 3D Printed Snowboard

Snowboards have traditionally been made from wood, epoxy resins, laminates, and P-Tex, until now The Signal Snowboard’s factory crew.

Using new 3D printer technology, Dave Lee and Signal Engineer Jeb Ferria input a basic CAD drawing along with a carbon-based powder into a state of the art Plastic Laser Sintering Machine—the end result is a radical powder gun (no not that kind of gun—a snowboard) ready for riding in the steep and deep of Colorado. Signal Teamrider Matt Guess and Dave Lee put the board through the paces, and it passes with flying powder.


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  1. Will we see this board shape in the regular signal line up maybe a late 2013 or early 2014 release, I like the idea of the bigger nose, imagine the butters you could pull with that thing or make it big on the tail and tip narrow waist to cause for a flexy board? Just a thought , sick ett

  2. i got a cool idea… idk if you guys have already done this but use newspaper! you can harden it and it be cool if it worked.. idk just a weird idea!

  3. Is this literally just a single layer? What did they do about the base? (The board looks freaking amazing btw, I dont know why but the jagged edges and reinforcing bars really strike a chord with me).

  4. Take a look at our Facebook page for details on how YOU can win a mini version of this 3D printed board!

  5. Have you ever consdered making a couple ETT episodes during the winter and releasing them during the summer?

  6. I’m pretty sure most modern snowboards require multiple layers of different materials to get good carving, pop, etc. while still remaining durable. I can imagine a snowboard made of one layer would be missing some sort of intrinsic quality thats sought after while riding. I’m don’t snowboard, though; nor do I make boards so I have no idea if my argument has any validity.

  7. im from quebec, where its, in other words, cold as hell. The board would definately be a positive camber, since we need that good carve in the icey conditions, make the round parts aside of the board, under the nose and tail, wider, so it grips the ice while carving, but have a slight reverse in the tip and tail, to make a nice power condition board, and slightly easier to bend, the flex would be around 6, not too stiff, not too soft

  8. I love it and i dont even snowboard. I just love what its all about, trying new things, no regrets, etc.

  9. Im not the expert on snowboard shape, but the east coast needs a solid board that can dig into ice instead of glide helplessly over it.

  10. Printing a 3D printer is the primary way it’s done. You can’t print all of the parts, but one day they will.

  11. might be a good powder board, but that shape would never work on some east coast ice ):

  12. next make some 3D printed bindings to go with that board, maybe even a 3d printed stomp pad

  13. Check out the RepRap, basically what you’re talking about. A 3D printer that can print most of its own components to duplicate itself.

  14. Thats so cool :)How about making one out of shiny metal? Using lightweight metals that’s silver/shiny. Would be awesome to wear knight armor with it

  15. that is awesome! I know I have good ideas, but I also know that they are rarely unique. If I thought of it within 2 minutes of having the idea for a 3DP snowboard I figured it had to come up at some point during the production of the board.

  16. Well it is actually starting to happen with what our industry calls the RepRap movement. now they aren’t printing the electronics yet, but i think it will only be a matter of time :)David Gurrola

  17. what about 2 thin boards (almost like skiis) with a space in between only attached by the boots and maybe a couple rods. Almost like a sailing catamaran

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