Element Strengthens Position in Composites Testing

Element Material Technology have announced the acquisition of composite lab, Delsen Testing Laboratories, a move which significantly strengthens Element’s position within the fast-growing aerospace composite testing market.

The purchase of Delsen, based in Glendale, California, further adds to Element’s capabilities and expertise in the commercial aerospace, power generation and transport industries, with the vast majority of Delsen’s activity falling within aerospace. The acquisition follows Element’s recent major investment in developing advanced facilities to test ceramic matrix composites, a material capable of dramatically increasing fuel efficiency in the next generation of aerospace engines.

Delsen Testing Laboratories was incorporated in 1957 by a group of five businessmen and engineers. Named after two of its founders, Delmonte and Knudsen, Delsen Testing Laboratories, Inc. began involving itself in industry by testing plastics and resins for their electrical and mechanical properties. The laboratory also contracted for the development of electrical test equipment useful in the manufacture of plastics and resins, such as an ASTM Standard Arc Resistance Tester and a D & K Analyzer (a step ahead of its time). In 1959, heavy emphasis was placed on testing of materials rather than the development of more sophisticated electrical equipment, thus, the company began its participation in more diverse testing areas.

Charles Noall, President and CEO of Element, said;

We envision Delsen becoming a ‘centre of excellence’ in aerospace composite materials testing. The facility will enable Element to shorten lead times, increase productivity and extend our capability. With composites continuing to replace traditional metal applications in a variety of sectors, this acquisition sets Element at the forefront of a fast-growing, rapidly evolving industry.

The purchase of Delsen by Element follows a number of significant acquisitions in the last fifteen months, including one of America’s largest independent materials testing businesses, Sherry Laboratories, headquartered in Daleville, Indiana. Other transactions include MAR-TEST of Cincinnati, Ohio, Detroit Testing Laboratories of Warren, Michigan, and UK-based polymer engineering and testing specialists MERL.


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