MFG Renames Wind Energy Company

The Molded Fiber Glass Companies announced that their field service organisation, Wind Energy Services Company has been officially renamed MFG Energy Services. The company will continue to be based at the same location in Gainesville, TX and the relationship with the parent company remains unchanged.

The reason behind the name and graphic identity change is to provide a clearer identification in the market with MFG and define the mobile, on-site nature of the service offering. The new name also reflects a broader market scope that fits with plans for expansion into new service areas.

Initially launched as Wind Energy Services back in 2007, the company was to provide on-site inspection, repair and maintenance services to wind farm operators in North America. As the industry matured, offerings were expanded to include more sophisticated diagnostics, factory repairs and refurbishment, and made-to-order replacement parts in conjunction with MFG Wind. Currently, three factories located in US wind farm hotspots offer factory repairs and blade manufacturing, providing wind farm operators with fast and economical support when and where they need it.


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