Alex Hull’s Carbon Fibre Split Chair

Alex Hull Studio presents Split Chair, a new addition to the Split range created with Gallery FUMI for PAD Paris.

In this work Alex Hull continues to explore new ways of applying leather, creating striking organic forms and capturing the notion of the surface tension. The range also features asymmetrical sofa that doubles as a chaise longue, a foot stool and a coffee table.

The Split Chair is a light, organic structure, which was inspired by the movement of waves and the composite construction of a surfboard. The continuous leather form of the chair, with concealed seams and light padding, splits open to reveal a more delicate and tactile suede interior as if it has been torn apart.

I wanted the chair to appear as if the leather has been separated to reveal a soft unprotected core. I made the piece by shaping the internal composite core using traditional saddlery skills. My work is based on the philosophy of contemporary technology coming together with traditional craftsmanship

The chair features a carbon composite core made by the URT Group and was clad in leather and suede. The use of carbon fibre has created a unique, organic design which brings together contemporary and traditional manufacturing techniques.


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