Rolls Royce Buys Hyper-Therm HTC

Rolls-Royce have announced it has acquired Hyper-Therm High Temperature Composites, a producer of state-of-the-art composite materials, including ceramic matrix composites, engineered coatings and thermal-structural components.

Since 1992, Hyper-Therm HTC has been active in the research and development of advanced materials primarily serving the military aerospace and energy generation markets. Rolls Royce are expecting ceramic matrix composites to revolutionise the weight and performance of engines that relay on single-crystal superalloys found in today’s most advanced engines.

The use of these new materials in gas turbine engine components offer the benefits of strength at higher temperatures to reduce the requirement for cooling air. CMCs are also typically one-third of the density of nickel super alloys which could significantly reduce the weight of components. This would mean more environmentally friendly engines with improved efficiency and reduced emissions.

Hyper-Therm HTC will become a wholly owned subsidiary of Rolls-Royce, and will be based in Huntington Beach, California. The site will serve as the hub for technical development of CMCs, which will find applications in a broad range of future Rolls-Royce power systems.


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