VCAMM Team up with MAI Carbon to Develop Carbon Fibre Composites

In an effort to promote global collaboration in the development of the Carbon Fibre Composite market, The Victorian Centre of Advanced Materials Manufacturing (VCAMM) from Melbourne, Australia and MAI Carbon from Augsburg, Germany signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) at the JEC Composites Show in Singapore.

The MoU outlines their plans to work together to expand their relationship, as well as explore ways to improve international collaboration to meet the global challenges for the mass production of carbon fibre composites. VCAMM was represented by its CEO, Mr Brad Dunstan while Professor Klaus Drechsler signed on behalf of MAI Carbon.

Rainer Kehrle, Managing Director of MAI Carbon said;

MAI Carbon commends Australia, and our new friend VCAMM in particular, for their impressive vision and efforts to develop an Australian Carbon Fibre Composite Precinct to help in playing a role in meeting the global challenge of the mass production of carbon fibre composites, MAI Carbon and its members are eager to find ways to collaborate and to match the commitment of VCAMM and it’s partners are showing to the development of a flourishing carbon fibre composite manufacturing industry.

The MOU between VCAMM and MAI Carbon lays out plans for collaborations and partnerships focused on delivering international collaborations between industry and the research community. VCAMM and MAI Carbon will work together to provide German and Australian companies with expanded access to information about potential opportunities, create information exchanges focused on how to meet the challenges of the mass production of carbon fibre composites, and support a joint effort to better market available opportunities for their partners across the globe. The partnership will extend to promotional activities such as international joint projects and forums.