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Elon Musk on the Future of Design

SpaceX is exploring methods for engineers to accelerate their workflow by designing more directly in 3D.

The company is integrating breakthroughs in sensor and visualisation technologies to view and modify designs more naturally and efficiently than using purely 2D tools. Although at the early stages they eventually hope to build the fastest route between the idea of a rocket and the reality of the factory floor.


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  1. I guess this will not work as they want because if we work with millimetric measures the hands will fail when we try to move some points in the air. It looks amazing but it does not seem very practical in real life. Maybe we can do a zoom over the shapes and get a better control, but I am not sure if it will be work. I am student of industrial design /3D designer and I wonder what happen if we work with this after a few of hours? I think the arms will be very tired. it might work for fast works

  2. Cool technology but useless for design purposes… You can’t be detailed enough with hand gestures to design anything in a 3-d program. It will take years to be able to replicate the precision of a mouse and cursor. This is just fun tool.. It’s still way easier to just use a mouse to view your 3-d object/environment..

  3. ok so how do you get from zero to this 3d model using only gestures. It seems like the only value is to be able to look at an end product.

  4. Also, tacking on the rapid prototyping “3D printer” at the end is not really related and is misleading the viewer to think this is part of the innovation. I admire Elon’s accomplishments but I lost some respect for him because of this video’s garbage showboating. The title of the video is “The Future of Design,” but modeling is not design and there isn’t even any modeling shown here.

  5. As a professional engineer, this looks like a toy to me. This is not to say that the gesture technology doesn’t have some potential if implemented correctly as part of a system that is designed for it. But as it is showed here, it seems like Elon has either been fooled by someone at his company into thinking this is a major advancement or is himself hoping to increase his Iron Man reputation by showing the lay man some cool looking toys that have no practical uses yet.

  6. It’s still going to take some time until 3D printers that can print titanium are affordable to the general public. But the first time I saw a 3D printer I knew the possibilities are endless.

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