Vestas to Invest in Blade Production at Italian Facility

Vestas has announced that it is investing EUR 10 million to launch V112-3.0 MW blade production at its Taranto, Italy, blades factory, offering employment opportunities for a number of nacelles plant employee.

Vestas will retrain 30 nacelles employees for work in the blade factory and hire an additional 8 people to work in the Italia sales, installation and services unit. Depending on market conditions an additional 60 employees could be recruited to work at the blades factory. Up to 30 nacelles employees could be hired in Vestas facilities in the UK, Spain, Denmark, or Germany, depending on the individuals’ professional qualifications and personnel requirements at these facilities.

Jean-Marc Lechêne, Vestas Chief Operating Officer said;

We are pleased to announce the launch of the V112-3.0 MW blade production line in Taranto and a related EUR 10 million investment. This will allow Vestas to bring our latest technology to the Taranto plant, which will benefit our customers, the entire supply chain and the local community through employment possibilities for the nacelles plant personnel.

The Ministry for Economic Development (MISE) via an official press release comments that the blades factory will be able to absorb part of the nacelles factory employees, and the company has expressed the will to offer an opportunity to the employees, through professional requalification. All in all, the agreement combines employee safeguards and strengthens Vestas’ production and market outlook.