Meet Panther the Worlds Lightest Electric Commuter Bike

This is the carbon fibre panther, a pedal assisted electric bike and winner of the 2014 good design award.

The handmade frame on the bike has been made using more than 10 layers of the carbon fibre, making the frame super light but also extremely strong. Completely handmade and constructed in one piece, the Panther’s carbon frame not only meets strict testing regulations, but at a total weight of only 16.9 kilograms, it is currently the lightest commuter e-bike in the world.


The 250w motor has long lasting 36 volt battery that quietly delivers the peddle power when needed and will last 80 kilometres on a full five hour charge. The bikes smart mode calculates the level of assistance you need for optimal ride comfort, taking into account both riding conditions and your peddling power, and intelligently adjusts the power while you ride.


The panther features dual shock suspension for a smooth ride


The e-bike features an onboard computer displaying all kinds of information to the user