Inventor Wins Award for His 3D Printed Carbon Fibre Ski Boots

Made using a selective laser sintering process, the ski-boot was created from a polyamide-baed material reinforced with carbon fibres. The technology used to create the boot is called Windform SP.

CRP Technology, the company behind Windform SP say that compared to other 3D printing materials, Windform can maintain its relevant characteristics even at low temperature and that it’s a highly supple material and perfect for absorbing the stresses without the risk of breaking.

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The design uses three different ski-boot insoles, each one slightly higher in the front than the rear, this gives a much better fit and a bit more space for those all important piggies. The boot has a split insole and an integrated wedge which is connected with a regulator, by adjusting this regulator its possible to change the wedge into 3 different positions which also adjusts the height of the foot in the boot.

The boot’s creator, Mr Franz Egger said;

I’m a sporting goods dealer since more than 30 years and I am well aware of the questions regarding ski boots. With the innovation Easystand I wanted to find successful solutions for the manufacturer, for the sporting goods dealer and for the skier. My main aim is to bring back more skiers on the slopes.

At the ISPO Munich the 3D-printed ski boot brought home a reward in the “Ski-product” category, voted best in its class by judges made up of independent sports business professionals.