Teijin Looking to Accelerate its Automotive CFRP Business

Teijin has announced it has integrated its development and marketing of automotive-use carbon fibre reinforced plastic aiming to strengthen the group’s business.

The Automotive Business Development Group launched on the 1st of April as a new entity directly under the Carbon Fibres & Composites Business Unit. It’s responsible for marketing thermoplastic CFRP formerly handled by Toho Tenax and the Teijin Composites Innovation Centre, which will now focus on developing technologies for individual projects.

Integrating and reorganising these functions will enable the Teijin to accelerate its CFRP business, especially in the highly promising automotive field. Teijin wants to become Japan’s leading provider of CFRP composites for automotive applications.

Current efforts are focused on developing automotive CFRP products for global automakers in Japan and other countries. Toho Tenax, which spearheads Teijin’s carbon fibres and composites business, is developing automotive-use products such as high-efficiency thermoset CFRP and rapid-curing carbon fibre sheet pre-impregnated with matrix resin.