Get Washed on the Go in This Portable Carbon Fibre Bathtub

We’ve seen quite a lot of things made from carbon fibre and have seen a few baths made from the black stuff, but this portable fold up carbon fibre bathtub is indeed a first.

The bathtub is the brainchild of German designer Carina Deuschl and was created to redefine the ordinary concept of the traditional bath. When collapsed the tub weighs in at 7kgs and is just 8.5mm think.

The XTEND bathtub’s frame was made from a piece of carbon fibre which was cut into the intricate accordion pattern by using a high-pressure water jet. When extended and supported with a set of included legs a soft padded, machine washable fabric inlay is clipped into place.

The surface of the material smooths out completely once the bathtub is filled with water and once the bath or soak is done, users simply drain the water from bathtub via a pump system.