Kengo Kuma Protects Office with Carbon Fibre Curtain

Located in Nomi, the three storey building is a workspace, exhibition area and research facility for Japanese fabrics manufacture Komatsu Seiren. The carbon fibre strands created by the client company, are made up of a thermoplastic carbon fibre composite called CABKOMA Strand Rod. The product is considered the lightest seismic reinforcement in the world with a 160 metre long roll weighing in at just 12kgs.

The carbon fibre material creates a light and very strong rope like rod that is said to be ten times stronger than iron. Using computer technology the position of the carbon rods were calculated to respond to the seismic force and motion generated from north to south, and east to west.

The lightweight carbon fibre composite has also been used on the inside of the building which features white draped fabrics that replicate the exterior. The green roof is topped with another Komatsu Seiren product called Greenbiz, a porous spongy ceramic panel made using the waste material generated from carbon fibre production.