Gumball 3000 Team Creates Carbon Fibre Batmobile

Built by ex-Koenigsegg engineer Leif Tufvesson, the design is based on the car from the Arkham knight video game but has been redesigned and manufactured with drivability and full functionality in mind. The wheelbase is 3.40 meters and the width of this special car is 2.5 metres. The special high rigid tubular frame is manufactured to provide good handling and offer a solid feeling.

Front and rear suspensions are fully independent and made with double wishbones connected to the coil over shock absorbers, up front through a special designed aluminium push rod. Under the bat hood sits a Lamborghini 560hp V10 engine connected to a paddle shift gear box affecting the 26″ wheels. To stop the car we have used ABS supported 8-pot Brembo calipers in front and 6-pot in rear all connected to big brake discs.

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The complicated all carbon fibre body was made from full-scale moulds which are milled out from the CAD drawings. Inside, the interior is a combination of black soft leather and “see trough” fabric, all kept together by golden stitches. The interior lights up the seats, floor and pedals when the fully electric cockpit opens up.