Biodegradable composite project approved for development

Natalia, a NUST MISIS graduate signed an agreement with Dutch company Chemelot Campus to continue developing the nettle composite material.

The project was to create a biodegradable product that can be used as a matrix for composite materials. The uniqueness of this material is in the nettle filler which reduces the cost of the polymer while maintaining its strength characteristics and increasing its elasticity and heat resistance.


By using nettle fibre together with recycled polymers, it can reduce the polymer content by 50% leaving the possibility to further process this composite and use it as secondary raw material. It’s hoped that products like bio-packaging for household chemicals and food products, environmentally friendly children’s toys, jewellery, dishes, office supplies, and even bodies for electronic devices can be created with the materials.

Plans and funding of 60,0000 euro are in place to further develop and scale up the project with Chemelot Chemicals.