3B fibreglass

DSM, 3B fiberglass, Siemens Wind Power and DTU Wind Energy have proposed a new composite system for making wind turbine blades, featuring easy blade manufacturing, low weight, high stiffness, and excellent resistance to fatigue. This material system is being evaluated ...

3B-the fibreglass have announced price increases of its Direct Roving and Chopped Strand products by 9%, and of its Continuous Filament Mat by 5% for all shipments as of January 1st, 2014.

3B fibreglass company have introduced a new E-CR glass roving specifically designed and formulated for acrylic resins allowing for the manufacture and production of glass reinforced polymethyl methacrylate thermoplastic composites.

Braj Binani Group has secured a 100 per cent equity interest in 3B Fibreglass from Platinum Equity.

3B the fibreglass company have announced the introduction of a renewed range of reinforcements each designed for specific resin systems and engineered to provide optimum performances for the manufacture of wind turbine blades.

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